Employers Having Advantage of Unemployment in Pakistan?

It is very true reality that the youth which is majority in Pakistan facing long lasting problems. These problems are being created by unemployment, education system, lack of leadership, political system and instability in politics, bribery system and international pressure and agent politicians.

In presence of all these factors there is the only business sector ”employers” in Pakistan who can solve this problem of youth. But unfortunately this sector highly discouraging the youth and educated people by paying low salaries, forced overtime on job, lack of reward and promotion system and over workload.

Employers paying very low salaries and expecting hard work and motivation from employees. They do not know that if the employee will be satisfied and happy only then that will be motivated and will do the best for the employer. I will say that the employer only thinks in their own way but they must start thinking in a professional way.

Even now a day this is also becoming well known that the employers block the salaries of one or two months as security and ultimately if the employee leaves the job then this security will not be paid. Employee with low income can’t do anything with this type of problem unless to keep silence.

I know all above problems will remain same but I will request the employers please reward the employees as per their abilities and education and get rewarded by the employees more than your expectations and status.

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Post witten by M. Saghir

One thought on “Employers Having Advantage of Unemployment in Pakistan?”

  1. Mr. Sami, Thanks a lot for your article. We should to realise the present unemployment pathetick situation in the countries of third level world.Present situation our youth & educated peoples should to be more practicle,dynamic & initiative & reduce the depending of employment.Maxymum organigation of the third world are not interested to pay the actual right of employee or worker & it seems to see the activities of HR & Admin their responsibility is only one to keep the right of owners of the organisation.If these practice will be continiously then employee will have no better future & they will be more demotiveted with demoralized.On that time the mordern economy system will be broken & ln the light of above situation life will be more and more criticle. So that this is the suitable time for doing something otherwise it will be a great problem for the next generation. Thanks a lot for your participant…

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