A Brave and Responsible Girl Saved the Life of an Endangered Baby

Lima is a girl of ten studying at a renowned school. One day she was waiting for her school bus. Suddenly she saw a huge quantity of smoke which was coming out form a house. She went there and saw a house on fire. There was nobody else near the fire. Only a few women were running to and fro. They were crying bitterly. Lima went to them and asked them the reason why they were crying in so pitifully.

One of the women told Lima that a baby of 2 years old was trapped inside the house. They were in a fix what to do. Lima advised them to be quiet. Then she poured a tub of water on her body and got inside the house hurriedly. After some time, she came back with the baby in her lap. She handed over the baby to its mother’s lap. The baby was crying bitterly as it was frightened and burnt slightly. The mother of the baby and the other women thanked Lima for her brave noble deed. They blessed her from the core of their heart.