A Busy Eating Place

Busy Eating Place means a place where there are a lot of people constantly coming and going. Everyone has a favorite restaurant that he or she loves to eat at. It was about the launch time when Martin and I arrived at the newly-opened chicken-rice shop. We expected the place to be packed with people but what greeted us at the shop was beyond expectation. This peaceful place has the most delicious food for all the Italian/Spanish (or any other) food lovers out there.

The twenty or so tables in the shop were fully occupied. There were at least a hundred people crammed in the shop and the sound of a hundred voices talking at the same time was reminiscent of the market place. After a somewhat long wait, we were finally able to find a table and we immediately settled down. The place had to air-condition but it was obviously not strong enough to cope with the crowd there. I saw some diners wipe their faces with tissue paper as the hot food caused them to sweat. We waited outside the shop in the midday heat and sweated as well. At each stall, there was a queue, with the more popular stalls having a long queue.

It took about fifteen minutes before we could get a vacant table. Gratefully we sat down but had to wait again for a waitress to take our order. Orders were taken feverishly and then shouted across to the kitchen. Anyhow there we were, sitting in a noisy, not-so-cool, air-conditioned chicken-rice shop. It was not exactly an ideal place to have lunch but we just wanted to try the food. Excitement reigned as waiters ran hither and thither to fill the orders.

Eventually, our order arrived and we set about having our meal. The chicken rice was only average. We had expected it to be something special after reading about the ‘special chicken rice’ in the newspaper. It was not excellent, but it was not bad either. When the food is brought, I can always feel the chilled salad plate being handed to me. Certainly it was nothing special. So we quickly finished our meal, paid for it and left the shop.

At the entrance, there were still people waiting to have a taste of the ‘special’ chicken rice. Well, we have had our taste and they would have theirs in due course. Nowadays the restaurant is not just a place to come and eat but now it’s becoming a place where people can meet and spend time together to enjoy.


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