A Stormy Dark Night

It was a stormy, dark night. I was all alone in the middle of my way home. I was thinking about how I could reach the house. The velocity of the wind was on the increase. I started remembering the name of Allah. It was terrible dark around. I could not see anything and sometimes I felt scared at hearing the sound of lightning. But the light of thunders helped me walk on the road. My whole body seemed to be paralyzed. Dark and fear grasped my mind because I was hearing the sound of breaking the woods. It seemed to me as if I had kicked the tusk by the sudden blow. I was also hearing the hue and cry of the people; remembered the name of Allah again and again because man has no power to stop the cruelty of nature.

However, sometimes I tried to run and sometimes I walked to reach my house. Suddenly, a big branch of a tree broke down before me. I was saved minutely and then I started walking with my renewed energy and courage. Finally, I reached the gate of my house and knocked as if to get a response. My elder brother opened the door and I entered the house.