A story about a Robbery Ended Tragically

A story about a Robbery Ended Tragically

Creating stories is a fun creative outlet for ideas and imaginative expression. Here I’m telling a story. My story started about a week/month/year ago. I was waiting in the row in a bank.¬†Suddenly I heard someone shout behind me. Instinctively I looked around and was shocked to see two gunmen brandishing handguns and telling everyone in the bank to get down on the floor. The man walked up to the teller and held up a hand grenade for all to see. I obeyed quickly. I was too stunned to feel any fear. I just lay down on the floor like the other customers. Everyone in the lobby screamed and started running, even the security guard. It sounded like the robbers would not hesitate to shoot anyone who did not comply.

From the corner of my eye, I caught the sight of a pair of moving boots. For the first time, I felt fear. The boots must be that of one of the robbers! Anyhow the boots disappeared from view for a moment, reappeared and then disappeared again. I heard the trampling of feet and I knew that the robbers were making their escape. It did not take them long to do their dirty business.

I raised my head and had a momentary glimpse of two figures running out of the bank door. Another figure flashed past my view and I realized that it was a security guard. He was holding a pump gun in his hands! I got up to have a better view.

The security guard ran out of the bank just as the robbers were making their getaway on a motorcycle. The motorcycle sped off just as the guard leveled his gun and fired at the fleeing duo.

Even in the bank, the sound of the shot was deafening. From my position, I saw the shot hit the pillion rider smack on his back. There was a spray of blood and the body went limp. As the motorcycle accelerated, the pillion rider was flung backwards onto the road in a lifeless heap.

The guard fired another shot at the remaining motorcyclist. The shot missed the target but shattered the back screen of a car nearby.

By then I was out of the bank watching the real-life action. So were other customers. It was just like in the movies except that it was for real. The guard ran up to the robber that he had shot and examined the slumped figure. There was no sign of life. The guard then picked up a bag that the robber had dropped. No doubt it contained the loot.

I watched the scene until the police arrive about ten minutes later. The police chuckled. The bank employees returned to work. The bank customers returned to their lines. After I went home as there was no point hanging around I could do my banking at another time.


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