A Terrible Night In The Forest

Once I with my friends went out for a long journey during our vacation. We went to a nearby forest one day. With extreme curiosity, we all went inside the forest when the sun was about to set in the west. When we entered the deep forest, the dense darkness was all around. We had torchlight with us. We tried to go out of the forest with the help of the torchlight. But after a short while, the charge of the torchlight was used up and then some of us began trembling in fear lest any wild annual or any ghost should attack us. We had already lost the direction in the darkness so that we took a decision to pass the night in a safe place. We selected a high place so that no wild animal could attack us very easily.

Sometimes we heard strange sounds as; if wild animal or ghost had come to kill us but after sometime, the sound stopped. We remembered the name of the Almighty. We held each other’s hand and suddenly we heard the chirping of birds to welcome the dawn. When the morning appeared removing the terrible darkness of the night, we all started moving out of the forest and at last we all went out of the forest safe and sound.