A Time when you did not Heed Good Advice and the Consequences

A Time when you did not Heed Good Advice and the Consequences

People make their own choices, good or bad, and live with the consequences, good or bad. Some people have to learn everything the hard way. There are a variety of reasons why some people don’t listen to good sense. Here I’m telling a story. I was at my friend Rick’s house to do some mathematics homework together. Rick’s is a whiz with mathematics and he helped me complete the homework in record time.

As it was getting towards dinner time, I decided to head home about two kilometers away. Outside the house, I could see thick black clouds and flashes of lightning in the eastern sky. There was huge storm going on there. So I got on my bicycle to get home before the storm struck us.

Rick’s mother came out, saw the distant storm and told me not to cycle home. She said that she would send me home in her car. It was better not to take the risk of riding the bicycle on the busy main road in the middle of a storm. It was dangerous. I declined her offer, thanked her and pedaled off before she could say any more.

Just as I got on the main road, the storm struck. Raindrops came thick and fast. In seconds I was soaked to the skin. I looked for shelter but could see none. Fortunately, my books were in a plastic bag and they should be fine. So I decided that since I was already soaking wet, I might as well go all the way home on my bicycle.

The road was fairly quiet as it was out of town. Some cars and lorries passed me kicking up spray. I could not get any wetter so I did not mind. I had only one thing on my mind and that was to get home.

It was foolish of me to do cycle under such dangerous conditions as visibility was very low. One moment I was going along quiet nicely, the next I found myself lying in a puddle of water beside the road. The road was covered with water and I did not even realize that I have left it and had fallen into a hole. Fortunately, the hole was not very big but it was very wet. I picked myself and the bicycle up and groped in the pool for my books. No plastic bag would have saved the books. They were wet through and through. I should have listened to Rick’s mother’s advice. now I still have more than a kilometer to go in the rain. As it was dangerous to cycle, I pushed my bicycle all the way home.


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