A True Patriot Never Expects Reward

Karim Mia, a man of about sixty-five (65) years old, sells flags in front of the Dhaka University. Every day he is found in the same place with the same type of flags. He keeps requesting the students to buy his flags. It is quite astonishing that he only sells Bangladeshi flags. It is because he chooses it as a noble job. It is his profession also. But he does not hanker after money. If he sells flags from other countries, he can earn money.

But he says, “I love Bangladesh, I love Bangladeshi flags.” The secret behind it is that he was a freedom fighter. He lost one of his legs in the Liberation War. He spent a lot of money for his treatment. But he has no grievance against anybody. He never seeks financial help from anybody or any favor from the government. He leads a very miserable life with a small income. But he is very happy because of doing such a noble job. He tells the glorious stories of the Liberation War to the students and sells flags to them. He continues doing his job in the midst of rain or sunshine. His only aim is to spread the spirit of the Liberation War to the new generation.