Aminul’s Dream

Aminul was a meritorious boy. He studied in a village school. His father’s economic condition was not good but he dreamt to be a doctor. He was also determined to reach his goal without taking any financial help from others. Finding no other way out, Aminul got himself employed in a factory where he had to work from 3 pm to 8 pm. The boy got himself admitted into a college. He studied heart and soul though he had a little time to spend on his study. Returning home from the factory, he studied till mid-night as he was nourishing a dream to be a doctor.

Aminul succeeded at another step of life securing GPA-5 in the HSC examination. His parents became very happy to see their son’s outstanding result. In the meantime, his father saved some money for his son’s higher education. He sent his son to Dhaka with that money so that he could prepare himself to reach his goal. At last, the boy got the chance to get himself admitted into Dhaka Medical College (DMC). As soon as the news came to his parents, their joys knew no bounds. So it is a proven fact that firm determination helps an individual reach his goal.