Child Trafficking Failed

A few days ago Mr. Rezaul was traveling in a Dhaka-bound train. His seat was in a second class compartment. Although there were many passengers, some of them drew his attention. Some children of about 6 or 7 years were weeping continuously in the corner of the compartment and two women were trying to keep them quiet. They looked frightened. They were looking to and fro with extreme nervousness. The two women tried their best to pacify the weeping children. They offered them chocolate, candy, sweetmeat, etc. But all their attempts went in vain.

From the beginning, Mr. Rezaul was quite suspicious of their conduct and was keeping an eye on them. He understood that they were not their real mothers, even any of their kith and kin. They might be child-traffickers. So without making any delay, he stood up and went to them. As soon as he went to them, they tried to flee from the place. But with the help of the other passengers. Mr. Rezaul caught the two women. Then, in the next station, he informed the railway police of the horrible Incident. Police arrested the two women and rescued the children from being trafficked.