Getting Lost in a Deep Forest

Last year we had a tour of the Sundarbans. It was just 2.30 pm. when we reached Katka Ghat. Under a forest guide and a coast guard, we started going down to the deep forest. I was so beguiled with the wonderful green of the Sundarbans that even I forgot to follow our teammates. But when I came into sense, I had already lost the way. Though I was lost in the forest, I felt delighted to see the natural beauty of the deep forest. I was lucky to see the deer grazing and wandering about the forest. I felt thrilled to be alone in the jungle. I planned to pass some more time in the forest. The beautiful trees, the green leaves, the deep and dark forest charmed me. I was excited to see and experience nature from close quarters.

Really, I never had such experiences of being alone in a deep forest. I wanted to forget the world behind. I began to enjoy the nature. The vastness of nature filled my mind with pleasure. I began to think myself to be a part of nature. I walked and walked. I was looking at the trees and different unfamiliar natural environment. But, all of a sudden, I began to feel afraid. I remembered that it was the place of the ‘Royal Bengal Tigers’ and the pythons. Then I really became nervous. I felt like crying. I could not think what to do next. I could not decide what to do and where to go. I thought that I would never be able to get out of the forest. I walked and walked and became tired. I felt thirsty and hungry as I had already passed some hours.

Fortunately, I happened to see a watchtower. Then I advanced towards the tower. Luckily, there I found a forest ranger who was patrolling with a gun. I told him everything. He became surprised to see me alone in the deep forest. Then he helped me to find our team.