Man Cannot Live Alone

Long ago, a young man found life in the family in his village full of problems and sufferings, quarrels, ill-feelings, jealousy, enmity all were part of everyday life there. So he decided to lead an isolated life in order to get rid of these evils. With this end in view, he went to live in a forest. There he made a cottage with wood, bamboo, reeds, etc. He said to himself, “How happy I am now! I have no enemy here.” He was leading his life happily in such a secluded state.

But to his surprise, one day he noticed a hole in his blanket. He wondered who or what might do it. Then suddenly he saw a rat moving in his room. In order to kill the rat, he brought a cat. The cat needed milk and so he brought a cow. Then he felt the need for bringing a cowboy who could tend the cow. When he brought a cowboy, he needed a woman who could cook foods.

So he got married and started to lead a conjugal life. The couple had children. Thus the man again found himself in a family. Then it came to his realization that no one can live alone. He could also realize that men are social beings and they cannot but live without the help of others. They must learn to live happily overcoming all the evils or difficulties in life. It also came to his realization that a man failing to live in society is either a devil or an angel.