Modern Methods of Cultivation Can Change One’s Fortune

There lived a poor but worthy farmer in a village. With the small income of his few acres of land he used to support himself, his wore and seven children. One day while walking through fields, he was thinking of how he could add to his income. For about half an hour he was lost in thought and suddenly he got an idea. A few days ago one of his friends told him about the new method of cultivation in Bangladesh. He lived in Dhaka and worked in Krishi Bank. He held a very high position in the bank. It was he who told a farmer that he (farmer) could get a bank loan if he wanted and he (friend) could help him in this regard.

Coming home, the farmer consulted this matter with his wife and she was very happy to hear this. Going to market, he phoned his friend to manage some loans from the Krishi Bank. His friend assured him to help him wholeheartedly. Finally, he receives taka one lakh (1,00,000/-) from the Bank and purchased some modern agricultural tools. With the tools, he achieved tremendous success after one year. From then he did not have any concern to support his wife and children. He became a rich farmer in his locality within some years.