Orangutan at Zoo

Orangutans are great apes, as opposed to monkeys, and are closely related to humans. Orangutans are extremely patient and intelligent mammals. They are not as powerfully built as the gorilla but are larger than the chimpanzee. When male orangutans reach maturity, they develop large cheek pads, which female orangutans apparently find attractive. Like humans, orangutans have opposable thumbs. Their big toes are also opposable. They are born with the ability to reason and think. Here I’m telling a story – Orangutan at Zoo. One weekend, Ali and his family went to the zoo. They bought him an ice-cream and he ran ahead of his parents to greet his animal friends. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. There was a new addition to the zoo. The sign said that it was an orangutan.

Ali laughed in delight and started jumping up and down. To his surprise, the orangutan imitated his actions. When Ali scratched his head, the orangutan did just that too. Ali was so happy that he decided to share the ice-cream with the orangutan.

Ali stretched out his hand, offering the ice-cream to the orangutan. It immediately grabbed his hand and would not let go. Ali would not let o either for he wanted his ice-cream back. Ali’s parents who were coming to his ay, shouted to Ali to let go of his ice-cream. The zoo warden who heard the commotion came to see what was happening. He quickly took a stick and rattled it against the orangutan’s cage to distract it. Another warden threw some food into its cage.

Fortunately, the orangutan decided to let Ali go. Ali was crying for his hand was bleeding. His parents comforted him as well as they could. The zoo wardens applied for some medicine on Ali’s hand and bandaged it. They told Ali not to feed the animals in the zoo ever again.


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