Reza’s Miraculous Escape of Death from Rana Plaza Tragedy

Like other garment workers, Reza also started his work in the garments factory of ‘Rana Plaza’. As the workers were panic-stricken seeing the crack in the building, they could not concentrate on their work. While they were thinking about their safety, they heard a thumbing sound. Since Reza was uncertain about his safeguard, he made a plan beforehand about his safety. According to his plan consciously or unconsciously, he took shelter under his working table. He could not remember anything more.

When he got a sense, it was complete darkness all around. He found his legs pressed under a heavy wall because it was outside the table. He could only hear the pathetic outcry of people. Some are crying “please save me” and some are shouting “please save my son or daughter”. The air of the whole atmosphere became heavy with the groaning of the victims. Reza did not try to shout or cry because it would not reach to the rescue teams or the volunteers who were relentlessly working to save the workers. He could somehow send a message to his brother mentioning the location of his death trap. But Reza was fortunate that he was still alive because most of his fellow workers died or about to die. He was only counting the hour of his death. Three days passed by but no one could reach up to him. He could not move or speak then because he remained unfed for long three days and there was wall all around him. At last, God took pity on him. A rescue team traced him and rescued him.