Snatch Thieves

Snatch Thieves

Here I’m telling a story about Snatch Thieves. It was something I believed in wholeheartedly, too. It was lunchtime in the city. It was daylight, and there was a steady stream of traffic on the main road just adjacent to the car park. Sally and two of her colleagues left their office and walked towards their favorite restaurant a short distance away. Sally had a handbag slung over her shoulder.

At a crossing, they waited for the light to turn green. When it did, Sally, her colleagues, and many other people crossed over to the other side of the road. Suddenly from the traffic that had stopped at the crossing, a motorcycle leaped forward. Two men were on it. In a flash, they were beside Sally and the pillion rider grabbed her handbag. The force of the grab sent Sally tumbling to the ground. The strap broke and the pillion rider held the handbag in his hand. The rider turned the throttle and the motorcycle sped off down the road, weaving between other vehicles in their rush to getaway.

Fortune did not favor the thieves. A few seconds later, they crashed into a tanker in the middle of the road. The two men were sent flying, hitting other vehicles before falling on the road. They lay motionless.

The whole sequence of events occurred in less than fifteen seconds. At that time, two distracted drivers crashed into the vehicles in front of them. Finally, all traffic stopped. Some men rushed to the thieves and pulled them to the roadside.

Sally sat on the curb with her colleagues by her side. She was badly shaken by the whole incident. She had some cuts and bruises on her body. Otherwise, she was all right. However, the victim later lodged a police report over the incident. The victim hoped the police would increase security control and conduct frequent patrols in the area as snatch theft often occurred there.


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