Suffering from Food Poisoning

Suffering from Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a condition that results from eating contaminated food. Here I’m telling one of my friend’s story. After a tiring day, the hostilities were hoping to have a sound sleep. However, in the middle of the night, many woke up groaning in pain. They were clutching their stomachs and vomiting. The hostel warden was immediately notified and he came promptly.

Sizing up the situation, he knew that it was food poisoning. Contamination of food is the key factor that is responsible for food poisoning. The affected students were sent to the hospital for out-patient treatment. It is an intoxication caused by low-quality food. The more serious cases had to be admitted. The unaffected students were sad to see their friends suffering. After much reassurance by the warden that their friends would be all right, they went back to sleep. The illness from this situation can be resolved in a few days without any treatment. The home remedies for food poisoning can be an easy solution to treat the symptoms.

A report was made to the health authorities. The health inspector came and took samples of food from the canteen. He put the different types of food into separate plastic bags. The health inspector was not very happy with the condition of the canteen. the bins were full of rubbish. Flies were flying everywhere and the drains were clogged. He ordered that the canteen be closed for a week until the results of the tests were made known. The diagnose are carried out based on history which may include the duration of sickness, the characteristics of the sickness and the specific types of food that have been eaten.

The canteen operator was found guilty of operating unhygienic stalls and was fined $300. A new canteen operator took over. He was very hygienic. The most serious types of food poisoning are due to bacteria. There are a number of reasons from which a person may become infected with food poisoning bacteria. When germs that cause food poisoning get into our systems, they can release toxins. These toxins are poisons and can cause diarrhea and vomiting. He wore a cap when cooking and used disposable gloves when preparing food. There were no more flies as empty plates were quickly cleared away and rubbish is thrown. The hostilities were very happy. They could now have peace of mind when eating. There is no way to prevent food poisoning after ingestion of contaminated food.


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