The Crafty Fox

Once a crocodile wanted her four children to be educated. So she went to a fox and asked him if he could teach her children. The crocodile had good faith in the fox. The cunning fox gladly received the offer. So the crocodile left all her children with the fox and went back to the river. The fox liked to eat crocodile’s kids. So, he first ate one of them and kept the other three. After a week the crocodile came to the fox to see her kids and to inquire about their education. The fox said that the kids were quite bright and were making good progress in education. He showed the kids to the crocodile one after another and not all at once. He showed one kid twice making a total of four. The crocodile became satisfied and went away.

The next week the crocodile again came to see her kids. Meanwhile, the fox had eaten another kid. Following the same trick, the fox showed the two kids one after another by way of producing each kid twice. Being satisfied the crocodile went away. She came again the next week. In the meantime, the fox had eaten another kid. Now only one kid was left. The fox told the crocodile some very sweet words about her kid’s progress in education. He also told her that their education would be complete by the following week and she would be in a position to take them back. Then the fox produced the kid four times. The crocodile came back with a happy mind. Then the fox ate up the remaining kid and went away to another jungle.

After a week the crocodile came with a joyful mood to take back her educated kids. But alas! The fox did not turn up. At last, the crocodile realized that the fox had eaten up her kids and left the jungle. She came to grief. Her bitter sorrows knew no bounds.