The Hidden Treasure

Once there lived an old man. He had three idle sons. They did not work in his fields. This worried the farmer. He was in his deathbed. He feared that his sons would suffer much after his death. Thinking that he called his sons and said, “My sons, there lies a great treasure hidden in my fields.” Saying this, he left the world for good. All the three sons cried out at the same time.

However, after his death, the sons began to dig the fields in search of the hidden treasures. But they would not find out any treasure. Afterward, they sowed seeds in the fields. In time, the fields which were barren before yielded plenty of crops. Now the sons realized the truth of the words of their father. They exactly understood that the crops were the hidden treasures. They could realize the value of labor. Henceforth, they shook off their idleness. They became stout and active. They cultivated their lands properly and reaped plentiful harvest every year and lived happily.


Moral of the story: ‘Industry is the mother of good luck.’