The Sheep Skin Wolf

Once upon a time, there lived a cunning wolf in a forest. The wolf was roaming in search of prey inside the forest. He came to the edge of the forest where there was a village. There he found many sheep and cattle kept in sheds and pens. He tried many times to get a sheep. But in fear of the shepherd’s servants, who stood around the farm the wolf never goes near it.

The wolf was planning to kill a sheep. One day it found a sheep’s skin lying by its foot-path The wolf thought that it was a sheep that must have been killed by some days before. On seeing the sheepskin a wicked idea struck the wolf. He thought of wearing it and slip into the flock of sheep. He was sure that it would be easy for him to get his prey. That evening the wolf, covering himself in the sheep-skin stealthily entered the sheep’s pen. He was sure that in the night he would have a fat sheep for dinner.

On that day the shepherd had some guests for dinner. The shepherd and his wife did not expect them. So the shepherd’s wife came to the shepherd and said, “I have nothing to cook for dinner. So, kill one sheep for me.”

The shepherd called his cook and ordered him to fetch a sheep from the pan and cook it for the dinner. The cook went into the pen. As it was late in the evening and there was no light in the pen it was dark all around. The cook could not see clearly. He just picked the wolf in the sheep-skin. Without knowing for what reason the cook was fetching, the wolf went along with him. But all of a sudden the cook cut its head in the dark. Thus the wicked wolf met a terrible end. That night the shepherd’s guests had a delicious dinner.


Moral of the story: ‘Wicked intentions meet bad ends.’