Make Our Living Room More Eco-Friendly

A living room usually is the area of our house where we spend the most time in apart from sleeping. Due to that, people often spend large amounts of money on their furniture and decoration for the living room. However, the living room, which lies at the heart of any house or an apartment, can also be transformed into a hub for nature preservation. It might not be obvious at first but there are several things that we can do to create an environmentally friendly living room space for the minimum amount of time and money invested. In order to make your living room more efficient in those terms, we should consider installing smart home devices, which automatically regulate the air temperature in the most efficient manner. This also includes using smart meters for our heating system. By using these devices, we don’t have to manually turn on and off our heating all the time. We can simply set our preferred inside air temperature and the system will do the rest.

According to some estimates, 3 to 6 billion trees are lost annually. Most of these are cut down to produce paper and furniture that uses a lot of timber. This means that everything from a wooden toothbrush to the sofa in our living room leaves a huge carbon print when manufactured. Most of the furniture made from wood is located inside the living room. In order to help the environment, we need to stop fueling the logging industry by opting to buy used instead of new furniture. Gardens are mainly created outside but there is nothing stopping us from creating a mini garden in one corner of the living room. We can place some houseplants in pots and create an oasis coupled with a small fountain. Not only will oxygen get pumped straight into the living quarters but we will be able to grow our own vegetables and herbs even during wintertime when the outside garden is dormant. We can also further save energy by switching from conventional light bulbs to LED lights. LEDs usually consume far less energy since they do not produce plenty of heat like conventional lights. By replacing our conventional lights with LEDs, we can significantly reduce our electricity bill and also improve our ecological footprint. In order to reduce our electricity bill even further, make sure that all our electronic devices, including your TV, computer, and smartphone, are energy-efficient and consider replacing energy-consuming items.

However, many people are not aware of how easy they actually can improve their ecological footprint by changing small things in their living room. It is crucial that we as humans make every room of our home more environmentally-friendly in order to solve our global environmental issues and to ensure a livable future for the next generations.