Annual Report 2013 of City Union Bank

It is a broadly described annual report of City Union Bank in the year of 2013. During the financial year, The Bank’s total income increased to Rs. 2,462 Crore from Rs. 1,904 Crore registering an increase of 29.31%. The total deposit increased by Rs. 3,964 Crore to cross the 20,000 mark to end up at Rs. 20,305 Crore which is higher by 24.26% over the last year. Operating Profit Rs. 523 Crore. The operating profit increased by a healthy 22.48%. After provisioning for NPAs and taxation the net profit grew by 15% from Rs. 280 Crore to Rs. 322 Crore. The paid-up capital of the bank increased to Rs. 47.44 Crore from Rs. 40.82 Crore as a result of the Rights Issue of 12,89,87,972 Equity Shares (partly paid).

The bank rewarding the shareholders with high dividend payments by declaring an interim dividend @100% i.e. Rs. 1/- per equity share with a face value of Rs. 1/- per share and Rs.0.50 paise per partly paid equity share with a face value of Rs. 1/- each of which Rs. 0.50 paise is paid up and the same was paid on 06.06.2013.

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