General Banking Operation of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited.(Chapter-4)

4.1 Introduction of SJIBL, Kawran Bazar Branch:

This branch was established 26th September, 2004 it is situated at the First  floor of T.K Bhaban, 13 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215. The bank is designed under one floor. It has been providing Islamic banking services for the customers of Kawran Bazar area.

4.2 Objectives:

  • To provide Islamic banking service to the people within the commanding area.
  • To expand business based on Islamic Shariah.
  • To keep position in the competitive market.
  • To contribute in profitability of SJIBL

4.3 Department of the Branch:

  • Account opening department
  • Cash department
  • Accounts department
  • Investment department
  • Foreign exchange department
  • Clearing department
  • Remittance department.

4.4 Number of Accounts:

ApplicationTotal Account2010-december
AL-Wadiah Current Deposit (ACD)394
Mudaraba Savings Deposit (MSD)1972
Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit (MSND)47
Doble Profit M.Savings Scheme (DPMSS)396
Education Deposit Scheme (EDS)161
Hajj Palon Scheme (HAJJ)49
House Deposit Scheme (HDS)11
InLand Doc. Bill Purchase (IDBP)67
Lakhopoti Dep. Scheme (LDS)165
Multiple Benefits M. S. Scheme (MBMSS)46
Monthly Deposit Scheme (MDS)5772
Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)229
Millionaire Scheme – 12 Yrs (MS12)220
Millionaire Scheme – 12 Yrs (MS15)182
Millionaire Scheme – 20 Yrs (MS20)118
Millionaire Scheme – 25 Yrs MS25202
Marriage Deposit Scheme (MSD)1972
Mohor Deposit Scheme (MSD)279
M. Term Deposit Scheme (MTDR)996
Non Resident FC Depo. – Dollar (NRFCD)5

4.5 Statement of Affairs on SJIBL Kawran Bazar Branch:

Account No.Account NameBalance
Sundry Deposits  
9020824001UN Identified Entries30750.00
9020824002S/D- Sundry Creditors99830.00
9020824013S/D- Excise Duty on Deposits1364298.00
9020824014S/D- Vat for LC Commission230181.00
9020824016S/D- 5% Tax for LC Commission8500.00
9020824017S/D- 5% Tax on Agency Com819057.00
9020824021S/D- Margin on LC18344211.00
9020824022S/D- Margin LG5122828.34
9020824028S/D- RISK Fun for HHD Scheme1900.00
9020824030S/D- Leased Deposit263840.00
9020824033S/D- FC Held B/B Payment USD11414353.65
9020824036S/D-Clearing adjustment3456768.00
9020824038S/D- Application Fees60977.00
9020824041S/D- VAT31.00


S/D-VAT for Banking Service1355.00
9020824049Sundry Deposit Others1236877.00
9020824086S/D Card Issue Charge100.00
9020824116Risk Fund Under HPSM57700.00

4.6 A list of Employees of the SJIBL Kawran Bazar Branch:


DesignationNumber of Employer


Executive Vice President  &  Manager



Senior Assistant Vice President & Deputy  Manager



First  Assistant Vice President



Senior  Executive Officer



 Executive Officer



First Executive Officer



Assistant Executive Officer



Senior Officer






Senior Trainee Officer



Trainee  Officer







4.7 Products of SJIBL, Kawran Bazaar Branch:

4.7.1 Deposits:

Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited accepts deposits on the basis of Mudaraba in the following types of accounts, and pays profit, like that of dividend in these accounts, except AL-Wadiah Current Account.

The relationship between banker and customer is not debtor-creditor relationship of conventional banks. The depositor is a partner in business with Shajalal Islami Bank Limited. Customers’ deposit their fund in the following types of Accounts:

1. Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit Account

2. Mudaraba Savings Account

3. Mudaraba Term Deposit Account

4. Other Scheme Deposit Accounts

Average 70% of profit earned by the bank is distributed proportionately among depositors annually.

4.7.2 Investments Modes:

To provide interest-free Banking Shahjalal Islami Bank has adopted the following modes of investment:

1. Musharaka (equity participation on the basis of sharing profit and loss)

2. Mudaraba (sharing of profit and loss in business where one of the partners provides    expertise and management and other partner provides capital remaining inactive)

3. Murabaha (buying and selling of commodities goods etc. with profit)

4. Bai-Muajjal (credit sale with profit)

5. Ijara (leasing for rent)

6. Hire purchase or Shirkatul Melk

7. Bi-Salam (purchasing of agricultural products while in production and providing advance oney to the producers)

8. Istisna (purchasing of industrial products while in production and providing advance money to the producers).

4.7.3 Computer Services:  

Shahjalal Islami Bank is computerized and provides the following services some of these services will be introduced soon. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited introduced a few schemes, which are very popular:

  • Online services
  • Automated Accounting
  • Integrated System
  • Signature Verification
  • Any Branch Banking
  • ATM Services
  • POS Services
  • SMS Push Pull Services 9. Other Delivery Channel Services (to be implemented)

4.7.4 Deposit Schemes:

  • Millionaire Scheme
  • Double the Money Scheme
  • Monthly Income Scheme
  • Monthly Deposit Scheme
  • Hajj Scheme
  • Mudaraba Bibaho Scheme (New Product)
  • Mudaraba Cash Waqf Deposit Scheme (New Product)
  • Special Term Deposit Scheme (New Product)
  • Mudaraba Mohor Deposit Scheme (New Product)
  • Mudaraba Shikhkha Deposit Scheme (New Product)
  • Mudaraba Housing Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Lakhopoti Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Small Business Deposit Scheme

4.7.5 Investment Schemes:

  • Doctors Investment Scheme
  • Education Investment Scheme
  • Executives Investment Scheme
  • Marriage Investment Scheme
  • Overseas Investment Scheme
  • Household Durable Scheme
  • Small Business Investment Scheme
  • Housing Investment Scheme
  • Small Enterpreneurs Investment program
  • Medium Enterpreneurs Investment program
  • Rural Investment Program (RIP)
  • Car Investment Scheme
  • CNG Conversion Investment Scheme

4.7.6 Services:

  • SJIBL VISA Card :

Card is considered as a new dimension of product resulting from technological development in the banking arena. In line with our affiliation with VISA International for VISA ATMs and POS, the following two products are launched broadening service products of the Bank to the clients’:

1.VISA Electron (SJIBL VISA Debit Card – local)

2.VISA Prepaid (SJIBL VISA Prepaid Card)

SJIBL VISA Debit Card: To a customer, “My card, my money” concept is used for Debit Card.  Any accountholder of SJIBL can apply for a SJIBL VISA Debit Card against his/her Al-Wadiah Current Deposit (AWCD), Mudaraba Savings Deposit (MSD) or Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit (MSND) Account. He/she is fully authorized to enjoy the benefits of cash withdrawal from ATMs, liberty of shopping, dining, paying utility bills and having access account information through SMS, etc. round the clock.

SJIBL VISA Prepaid Card (Local): SJIBL VISA Prepaid Local Cards are open to the customers even having no account with Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. Cardholders can have the card against prepayment and have access from anywhere in Bangladesh. SJIBL VISA Prepaid Local Cards are accepted locally at all VISA labeled merchant outlets, ATMs, etc.

SJIBL VISA Prepaid Card (International): SJIBL VISA Prepaid International Cards are also open to the customers even having no account with Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. Cardholders can have the card endorsing US Dollar paying against Travel Quota, Exporters Retention Quota or marking Lien of his/her FC Account. SJIBL VISA Prepaid International Cards are accepted world wide at all the VISA labeled merchant outlets, ATMs, etc.

SJIBL VISA Prepaid Card (Dual): The Dual Card is a hassle free product, no need to carry two separate plastic cards for local and international card. Now, with one plastic card the Cardholders can enjoy all the benefits and make transactions locally & globally from their Prepaid card account at all the VISA labeled merchant outlets, ATMs, etc.

SJIBL VISA Souvenir Card (Gift Card – Local): SJIBL Souvenir Card is a very attractive and stylish product. Like a Gift Card, SJIBL Souvenir Card can be used by anyone wishes to. The intending customer may have the card instantly or may customize the card as required. The SJIBL Souvenir Cards are accepted locally at all the VISA labeled merchant outlets, ATMs, etc.

Usage Limit


Transaction Limit

Cash withdrawal limit (total)4 times per day
Cash withdrawal limit (amount)Tk. 20,000 per day
Balance checking4 times per day
Mini statement printing2 time per day
PIN change2 times per day
Invalid PIN retry count3 times per day
Card usage limit in ATMs (total)10 times per day
  • SMS Service :

Welcome to the convenience of accessing your banking needs from anywhere anytime. Shahjalal Islami Bank again fulfilled the demand of time in the era of modern banking technology by introducing the Mobile banking i.e. SMS / Push Pull Service. We offer a range of ways for you to access and manage your money.

Mobile Banking is a secured & flexible solution that delivers the banking services to its customers through a range of mobile devices using SMS / Push Pull technology. It provides banking services to the registered clients access to account information and real-time transaction capabilities from the mobile phones at a true “Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow” convenience.

As a leading private sector bank in Bangladesh the Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited presents the Mobile banking i.e. SMS / Push Pull service.


  1. Balance Inquiry
  2. Cheque Book Request
  3. Cheque Leaf Status
  4. FC Rate Information
  5. Cheque Stop Payment Instruction
  6. Statement Request by Courier/Post
  7. Statement request by E-mail
  8. Last Three Transaction Statement
  9. Help inquiry
  10. PIN Change
  • GP Bill Collection:

Grameen Phone subscribers availing the service to pay their bills, advances, security deposit and other related charges through all branches of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited.

4.8 Remittance:

  • Kushiara
  • Western Union
  • Swift Service

4.8.1 Kushiara:

Kushiara Money Transfer’s a definition of safety and reliability and a popular Money Transfer Company in United Kingdom (U.K.). Kushiara offers “Instant Cash” next day collection from Bank counter at most cities in Bangladesh and “Quick Credit” to beneficiary’s account in all over the Bangladesh.


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