Internet Banking of Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd.


Presently banking is a very dynamic sector in our country. It’s impact in our country economy is quite vast. Banking business is little bit different from other business. It mainly deals with organizations with money and credit activity. Bank is a profit oriented organization. A bank invests its funds in many ways to earn more and more profit and most of its income is derived from loans and advances. Bank makes loan and advances to traders, businessmen, industrialists and many other persons against security of some cautious policy and sound lending principle in the matter of lending.

One of the primary functions of commercial banks is sanctioning of credit to the potential borrowers. Bank’s credit is an important catalyst for bringing about economic development in country. Without adequate finance there can be no growth or maintenance of a stable economy. Bank lending is important for the economy, for it makes possible the financing or agriculture, commercial and industrial activities of a nation. At the same time, a bank will, therefore, distribute its funds among various sectors in manner as to derive sufficient incomes.

Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. is one of the largest commercial bank in the country, has some prejudice to finance directly on priority basis to agriculture, industry and commerce sector for strengthening the economic base of the country. A large amount of the total economic activities of the country transacts along with DBBLitself.

Hence it is very clear that, DBBL plays one of the key roles to move the economic wheel of the country.

With the help of DBBL’s Internet Banking you can enjoy the convenience of banking from your home or office via the secured server of DBBL. Your security is extremely important to DBBL. Internet Banking incorporates the use of firewalls, encryption, SSL from version and passwords to ensure that only you have access to your accounts. For optimum security DBBL requires all users to change their passwords the first time they use internet banking account and makes it operational.

Origin of the study:

Present world is changing rapidly to face the challenge of competitive free market economy. To keep pace with the trend banks need executive with modern knowledge. To provide fresh graduate with modern theoretical and professional knowledge in banking and financial institution management, Department of management and Business studies, International Islamic University Chittagong is conducting Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The internship phase, introducing the practical orientation in different organizations is an indispensable part MBA program. Under this phase the students are sent to gather practical knowledge about organizational environment and activities. The students also have to submit a report on practical orientation in the respective organizations. Being a student of MBA I had the opportunity to work in Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. (Dhanmondi Branch). The report topic is “Internet Banking of Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd.”


Broad Objective:

To have an understanding on the Internet Banking Policy of Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd.

Specific Objective:

  • To have an understanding on the overall functioning of a bank, namely DBBL.
  • To know the Internet Banking facility offered by DBBL.
  • To have an understanding on the online processing system and associated matters.


Data Source:

The report is based on both on primary and secondary sources of information. Interviewing the manager and officers of the bank, observing customers has provided the primary sources of information. Further the secondary sources of information are the Internet manual, various banking related books and websites of the bank.

Scope of the Study

Dutch-Bangla Bank is one of the leading banks in Bangladesh. The scope of the study is limited to the Dhanmondi branch only. The report covers the background, functions and mostly the Internet Banking of the bank. The scope of the study is just to acquaint with the Internet banking scenario of DBBL, particularly Dhanmondi Branch.

Limitations of the Study

The following limitations are prepared are apparent in the report-

  • The aim of practical exposure program is to exercise the practical desk works of the bank and mainly prepare a report of the procedure of work on different desks. But it was difficult

How to get Passwords for internet banking:

The internet banking log in ID is Customer ID which you can know from your home branch. However, you need to have Password from the data center of the bank. Without Password you can not enter into the internet banking system.

If you have an account with the Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, you are eligible to get the password for accessing internet banking. To get the password you have to apply for it through your branch. The application form for obtaining the password of internet banking is available in the Form menu of DBBL website. You have to fill-in the application form and send to the branch of DBBL for signature verification and onward submission to the Data Center. The Data Center will generate a password for you and print in a secured PIN Mailer. The PIN Mailer will be sent you. Once you get the PIN Mailer, open if you get your password. When you will log in the internet banking for the first time with this password the system will force you to change it. You have to give a new password of your choice. DBBL recommend that you change your password frequently.

Where to get DBBL’s Internet Banking:

  • Open Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.
  • Type http:// or http: to the address bar and click “Go”.
  • Bank’s website will be opened.
  • Click on the link “Internet Banking”
  • A log in page will come. Enter your User ID provided to you by the bank and your password.

If you are first time in Internet Banking, the system will prompt you to change your initial password.

With DBBL’s Internet Banking you can do the following:

  • Learn Account Info
  • Transfer Fund
  • Pay Utility Bill
  • Create Standing Instruction
  • Open/ Modify Term Deposit
  • Refill prepaid card
  • Stop Cheque
  • And many more


Account Summary

  1. Click Account Summary menu. A page is displayed.
  2. You will see a list of your current, savings, term deposit and retail loan accounts and the current balances in each account in the account currency.

Account Details

  1. Click Account Details menu. A page will be displayed.
  2. Choose another account from the list and press ‘Go’.
  3. You can seethe account details including balance, interest amount, minimum balance, amount hold, OD limit and uncleared fund etc. for that account.
  4. For Term Deposit account you can see the account details including deposit amount, interest rate, tenure, interest instruction, maturity instruction, deposit date, maturity date, redemption amount etc.

Account Activity

  1. Click account activity menu.
  2. Choose account from the list and click View Statement.
  3. Last 12 transactions will be displayed.
  4. For more instructions, please choose ‘Specified Period’ by entering Start and End dates.
  5. You can also print out and download the statement.

Uncleared Fund

  1. Click Uncleared fund menu.
  2. You can see the details of cheques deposited in your savings or current accounts, which have not yet been cleared.

Fund Transfer

This allows you to transfer funds between your accounts within the bank.

  1. Click Funds Transfer menu. The funds transfer page is displayed.
  2. Select the Source Account from where amount to be debited.
  3. Select Destination Account to where the amount to be credited.
  4. Type the Transfer Amount and transaction description in the Memo box.
  5. To begin fund transfer, click Transfer.
  6. Click Confirm to proceed with the fund transfer.

Pay Bill:

You can pay your utility bills (like Electricity, WASA, GAS, Telephone, Mobile, ISP etc.) by bill payment module.

Standing Instruction

A standing instruction can be used to transfer a fixed amount of money from your account to another account (beneficiary account) in a pre-defined day of every month / quarter / year etc.

Before you get this service, you have to perform “Payee maintenance” from the “Customer Services” menu.

Term Deposit

You can open a term deposit (FDR) by transferring funds from one of your current or savings accounts with the bank.

Refill Pre-paid Card

The DBBL Internet Banking can provide you the refill Pre-paid Card number for Mobile Phone and Internet Service Provider. There are two ways to refill prepaid card:

  • Get a number
  • Auto refill

Stop Cheque

You can stop the payment of a cheque or a range of cheque or a range of cheque leaves issued from your account.

You can also inquire any cheque’s status linked with your account.

Change Password

You can change your old internet banking password by choosing the change password option.

Rates Inquiry

You can find out the bank’s interest rates for all types of deposit accounts using the interest rate inquiry option.

You can also find out the current exchange rate against the local currency by using the Foreign Exchange Rate Inquiry option.

Limitations & Recommendation:

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited already achieved good reputation among all the newly flourishing banks. Based on its market conditions it has developed a strategy and stature of its own.

After working with DBBL for three moths I observed a number of areas, which require attention. Following are my recommendations for improvements in those areas:

  •   The general banking department should have another working hand not only to assist the heavy workload of the bank officials but also a give immediate feedback to its valued customers through telephone or as such regarding customer’s daily transaction.
  •   Personal relationship should be build up with the customers/depositors. They can be sent different gift item like calendar, diary, card etc. on different occasions like Eid , New Year etc.
  •   The decoration of dhanmondi branch should improve.
  •   Branch expansion should be done very rapidly in order to make the best use of on line banking, which will not only increase the efficiency of the bank but will also, serve the customers in an efficient manner.
  •   The innovative loan scheme should be offered and should be more flexible in terms of repayment.
  •   The bankers need to be motivated in a proper manner as they, are very often heavily burdened with work.
  •   The higher-Level management of the bank should invite more participation from their subordinates.
  •   The bank should introduce new innovative products to attract new potential customers and also keep its existing customer happy.
  •   The product should be promoted in new and an innovative ways.
  •   The bank should provide sufficient manpower to the respective branches technologies in the quickest manner to confirm its success in the long run.
  •   To grow the sense of belongingness more or to motivate the employees.
  •   Properly Bank should arrange at least one gathering picnic in a year.


Really it is an enchanting for me to have a practical exposure in DBBL. Because without practical exposure it was not possible for me to compare the classroom theories with practical experience. Moreover it is well established that theory without practices is blind. Co-ordination of theory and practical subjects in the field of Banking studies gets due importance at this moment when the whole world are taking preparation to enter into a new Millennium. But in spite of this, we find a gap exiting between Theory & Practical knowledge. To minimize this gap between Theory & Practices, It is believed that it brings the students concerned with this program closer to the practical area of Financial Institution and Projection of knowledge. During the practical orientation I have observed function of General Banking, Foreign Trade and Credit Department, which will help me a lot to be a professional banker in future.