Characteristics of Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is one of the crucial aspects of human resource management because it helps to ensure the needed manpower for the organizational goal. The success of a human resource planning process not only helps the organization itself but also helps the society’s prosperity. It ensures that an organization has the right number and kind of people, at the right place, and at right time capable of performing well in the organization

Characteristics of effective human resource planning are as follows:

  • Goal Oriented

Human resource planning is prepared to assess the future requirement of manpower in the organization. It is the process of estimating right candidates at right time for right job so that organizational goals can be attained with minimum risk. It helps to identify the size and composition of resources for the future purpose.

  • Continuous Process

Human resource planning is a continuous process. Skills, ability, and qualification must be updated. The human resource planning prepared today may not be applicable for future due to ever-changing external forces of the environment. For this, the human resource must plan on a continuous basis. Hence, to address such changing factors, the human resource planning needs to be revised and updated continuously.

  • Optimum Utilization Of Human Resources

Human resource planning focuses on optimum utilization of resources in the organization. It checks how the employees are utilized in a productive manner. It also identifies employees’ existing capabilities and future potentialities to perform the work.

  • Right Kinds And Numbers

Human resource planning determines the right number and kind of people at the right time and right place who are capable of performing the required jobs. It is more challenging to get the right candidate for the right job at the right time. It also assesses the future requirement of manpower for an organizational objective. The organization cannot manage hired human resources if they do not match for the job.

  • Determination of Demand And Supply

Human resource planning is a process of determining the demand for and supply of human resources in the organization.  Then a match between demand and supply estimates the optimum level of manpower.

  • Environmental Influence

Human resource planning is influenced by environmental changes, hence, it is to be updated as per the change occupied in the external environment. This helps to enhance the skills which increase the confidence level of employees and reduces the wastage of resources.

  • Related To Corporate Plan

Human resource planning is an integral part of an overall corporate plan of the organization. It can be formulated at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

  • A Part of Human Resource Management System

As a part of the total human resource management system, human resource planning is regarded as a component or element of HRM which is concerned with the acquisition and assessment of manpower. It serves as a foundation for the management of human resource in an effective and efficient manner.


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