Recruitment and Selection Process of Uttara Bank

Major purpose of this term paper is to analysis Recruitment and Selection Process of Uttara Bank Limited. This Recruitment and Selection Treatment sets out how to ensure as far as possible, that the best people are recruited on merit knowing that the recruitment process is free of bias and discrimination. Getting and selecting candidates are the responsibilities of Human Sources Management (HRM). The Bank encourages promoting qualified Bank’s workers employees.



Recruiting and selecting the right people is paramount to the success of the Uttara Bank Ltd.( UBL) and its ability to retain a workforce of the highest quality. This Recruitment and Selection Procedure sets out how to ensure as far as possible, that the best people are recruited on merit and that the recruitment process is free from bias and discrimination.


The HRM Department accomplishments to fill positions with the best qualified individuals.  Recruiting and selecting candidates are the  responsibilities of  Human Resources Management (HRM) . The Bank encourages promoting qualified Bank’s staff employees.

Position Descriptions

A complete, accurate and current position description is the foundation for planning and conducting the recruitment effort. Qualifications articulated in the position description must be:

  • Nondiscriminatory: Never express a preference for a certain region, race, or sex.
  • Valid: This means they are inherently job-related and predict successful performance of the job.
  • Defensible: This means they are recognized as legitimate in the field attached to the position.
  • As objective and measurable as possible: The more subjective the qualification, the greater the need to predetermine how it will be qualitatively assessed.


Recruitment Definition:

This is the process by which hiring departments develop a viable applicant pool from which hiring and promotion decisions are made.

An “applicant” is an individual who requests to be considered for employment, submits a resume via  mail, identifies a specific job opening, expresses interest in a timely manner, and is “basically qualified” for a specific job opening. Basically qualified is defined as possessing the knowledge, skills, education, and experience listed as “required” on a job posting.

Recruitment Guidelines:

  1. Appropriate and effective recruitment strategies vary with each position. The length and scope of the recruitment should be relevant to the position.
  2. All recruitment and selection efforts must be coordinated through HRM Department.
  3. Recruitment activities should include good faith efforts to solicit a diverse applicant pool and affirm that race, sex, age, disability or veteran status will not be used to discriminate.
  4. The General Manager of HRM, is responsible for developing and documenting objective criteria for a job posting. Criteria including education, experience, essential skills, abilities, and competencies are to be used to screen job seekers and aid in selection processes.
  5. To post and fill a position, the General Manager must complete a requisition and submit a current job description through the UBL websites and newspaper.
  6. A job opening must first be posted on the UBL Jobs web site before being advertised through other avenues, including print ads or other Web sites. To ensure compliance with regulations, all recruitment advertising must be approved by HRM.
  7. If the position is in a job group that is underutilized, by women or ethnic minorities, additional targeted recruitment efforts should be undertaken.
  8. All advertisements and position announcements should be consistent with each other, reflect the qualifications identified in the position description.
  9. Advertising and other notification of a vacancy or new position must be nondiscriminatory and must include reference to the organization’s commitment to affirmative action through equal opportunity using the following tagline: “The Uttara Bank Ltd. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.” Advertisements must list the same qualifications as the Ubl Jobs postings.


Purpose of the Position Announcements:

Provides applicants, hiring departments and search committees with a general idea of the nature of the position, the terms and conditions of appointment, salary range, reportage, and required application materials and application deadline.

  1. Provide enough information to give applicants adequate understanding about the nature of the position. Identify required and preferred qualifications so that you solicit qualified applicants and stimulate interest in the position.
  2. A position posted via the UBL Jobs Web site will also automatically appear on the bdjobs Web site and/or other required sites.
  3. The HRM department encourages to apply with the own hand written application from the candidates.
  4. Unsolicited resumes should not be accepted by individual units. Unsolicited resumes can be directed to  HRM-Employment Services for handling.
  5. Provide a contact name, address and phone number.
  6. The HRM can conduct the written test through the University of Dhaka or IBA if they think is needed.



Advertising of vacancies

The HR Team provides a centralized advertising service for the advertisement of vacancies and will assist the Manager prepare an appropriate advertisement.

All permanent vacancies are advertised concurrently internally (on the intranet) and externally. External advertisement is on the UBL website, generally along with appropriate newspaper publications and can include the use of agencies where appropriate.

Applications are to be forwarded to the HR Team in the first instance and not directly to the Manager.

Application Guidelines:

  • For the post of Officer Grade -1, the applicant have to completed his Master degree of 4 years honors degree with three first division. He/She should apply through mail to UBL HRM department. After his/her successfully selection
  • The candidates have to complete a one year probation period.
  • For the post of Officer Grade-2 or Assistant Officer, the applicant have to completed his Graduation degree. He/She should apply through mail to UBL HRM department. After his/her successfully selection
  • The candidates have to complete a one year probation period.
  • The bank has the rule to select the current or retired employees qualified children to apply and they get some special offer for selection.


Short Listing:

Short-listing must be completed based on the person specification. New criteria cannot be introduced to assess the candidates at this stage as it would be unfair. It is the Manager’s responsibility to complete the short-listing and to ensure the process remains free of unlawful discrimination. It is desirable that a second person from the panel also participates in the short-listing process.

Former employees who have been dismissed for misconduct cannot be considered for appointment. Staff who have taken early retirement or redundancy may be considered on their merits.

Short-listing notes must be returned to HR for filing and are retained for a period of 6 months.



Arrangements for interviews

The manager is responsible for scheduling dates and times for interviews directly with the short listed candidates and notifying the candidates of any selection tests that will be used. The manager must then notify HR of these arrangements and HR will confirm via letter or email to the short-listed candidates the following details:

  • Date, time and place of the interview
  • Instructions on how to find their way to the interview venue
  • A request that they contact the author of the letter/message if they have any special requirements in relation to the interview (related to access to the venue or any other special need related to a disability)
  • If appropriate, details of any test or presentation they will be required to take or anything they should bring with them (e.g. examples of work or proof of qualifications that are essential to the post).



This is the process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill vacant positions. The process begins when a hiring department identifies the need to fill a position, and ends when a person is hired to meet that need. What happens in the middle of the process includes job analysis, position description development, recruitment, testing, screening, corresponding with applicants, credentials verification, background investigations, interviewing, reference checking, physical examinations, and the offer.

Discriminatory hiring practices could result in significant costs for the organization. Individuals acting on behalf of the organization who fail to follow nondiscrimination policies may face personal liability. Poorly designed or executed selection processes will generally fail to identify the right person for the job, result in missed opportunities or delays in accomplishing the mission of the organization, and lead to discrimination claims. Impolite or incompetent interviewers, unnecessarily long waits, and lack of follow-up may cause unfavorable impressions of the University.


Guiding Principles:

The GM of HRM may consider candidates immediately upon receipt of resumes, including reviewing resumes for basic qualifications.  A job seeker who does not meet the required qualifications is not an applicant and should not be considered.

Selection should be based on job-related qualifications including, but not limited to: required or preferred education; experience; and knowledge, skills, and abilities as identified in the job description. Qualifications must be bona fide occupational qualifications. An applicant who is hired must meet the required qualifications listed in the job description

Use a nondiscriminatory, valid, and consistently applied selection criteria/process. Use of a rating guide is recommended. This is a form used to rate applications for a position based on the required and preferred qualification as defined in the position description. Rating guides simplify the paper screening process, ensure that applications are being evaluated against the same criteria, and provide documentation which will be used to defend any challenged outcome.

Once the organization determine that an individual does not meet the established minimum qualifications, s/he must be eliminated from further consideration. If they are unclear whether or not an applicant possesses the minimum qualifications, they conduct a verification phone interview. They may also ask applicants to include a cover letter detailing how they meet the established qualifications as part of the application process.

Be able to justify every selection/nonselection decision with appropriate documentation (e.g., the position description, applications/resumes, rating guides, selection criteria, interview questions, and reference checks).

The applicant pool should be sufficient to enable selection of qualified applicants for interviews.  If not, the AGM of HRM should contact HRM to discuss further recruitment efforts.  If there are no qualified candidates for a position and qualifications are modified to increase the applicant pool, the position must be re-posted for at least fifteen (15)calendar days.

The GM of HRM must ensure standard administration of the interview processes.  Standard administration includes equal treatment of applicants, avoidance of discriminatory questions, and uniform interview content.

When used, approved tests must be given to all applicants under equivalent conditions, must be scored, evaluated, and used as a selection factor equally for all applicants, and must be maintained with other applications and selection materials. Such information must be retained with the search files for the years the employee is working from following the date of the last action on the position (e.g., start date, date candidates were notified of the position being filled).

Uttara Bank Ltd. encourages the current employees by promoting to the higher position when required.


Reference and Background Checking:

As part of assessing the merit of each candidate, HRM must satisfy themselves that the information the candidate gives is authentic, consistent and honest. This includes being satisfied about information regarding the candidate’s:

  • application
  • work history
  • qualifications (where a qualification is a requirement for the post, supportingevidence or certification must be obtained from the candidate and recorded)
  • evidence presented at interview

Reference checking is an inquiry about job performance, usually from people identified by an applicant and the people should not be their relatives. The unit assumes responsibility for reference checking. HRM is available to provide this service upon request. A completed and signed job profile protects the UBL HRM to investigate pertinent information about an applicant.

Obtain permission from candidates. Inform candidates that reference checks and validation of credentials will be part of the selection process. A candidate may have valid reasons for setting some limits, and these limitations should be respected. The bottom line is that the candidate must allow you some access to people familiar with their work, or withdraw their candidacy. If access is significantly candidate-controlled, s/he must understand that you will have to make less restricted checks before any offer is extended.

Intentionally choose whom to contact. Consider the following guidelines:

    • Call the references identified by the candidate.
    • Seek permission to call persons who should know the candidate (e.g., current department chair, departmental head, supervisor, vice president, colleagues, etc.).
    • Complete enough calls for a full picture of the candidate to emerge.

Apply the following guidelines for determining what inquiries to make:

    • All information considered in the selection process must be related to job performance.
    • Request the same information regarding all applicants.

For an internal candidate, the hiring manager should take special care to ensure the application is confidential, and that contact with the employee’s current unit is not made until the employee is considered a finalist and references are to be checked.

An applicant who refuses to sign a profile may be eliminated from further consideration for employment.

An applicant who provides misleading, erroneous, or deceptive information on a profile, resume, or in an interview will be immediately eliminated from further consideration for employment and may be subject to termination.

As because the organization is a financial institution so Uttara Bank Ltd. HRM will conduct a background check. All background checks, at a minimum, will include the following:

    1. verification of criminal records.
    2. other kinds of verification checks if a particular position warrants (i.e. educational verification, employment verification).

Background checks are performed through Police for criminal record and other kinds of verification checks are conducted through the UBL HRM department.


Medical/Physical Examination:

This examination conducted through the UBL own doctor and after passing the examination the candidate will be offer the job.



Offer of employment

A conditional written offer of employment is to be made by the HR Manager within a week of interview. The offer should be made within the salary range stated on the Authority to Recruit form. If for any reason the Manager wishes to make an offer above that range, the prior approval of the Director and Head of Human Resources is required. Failure to do so may result in the offer being retracted.

The offer must be on a conditional basis whilst the required checks take place in relation to security clearance, health declaration, references, qualifications (if not already provided).

It is the  HR Manager’s responsibility to notify  the head of HR of the offer. HR will then send the candidate a security clearance questionnaire, health declaration form, offer letter and statement of particulars detailing post, salary, benefits, holiday entitlement, notice period and location.

Upon receipt of the successful applicant’s acceptance letter and completed health declaration and security clearance questionnaire. HR will send a confirmation of receipt letter confirming the start date (taking into account timeframes for security clearance), along with joining instructions.

Recruitment and selection records must be maintained with the employees files for the years following the date of last action on the position (e.g., employee’s start date, or the date candidates were notified of the position being filled). These records are listed below, along with the assumed location where they are stored.

  • The candidate’s exam record, Selection tests or other skills assessment activities
  • The resume the candidate’s provided
  • Cover letter
  • Reference checks
  • Verification of degrees, certificates etc.
  • Background checks
  • Nationality certificate.
  • Recommendation from the head of the last educational institution.

After completing all the necessary works for successful selection process finally the candidate will be recruited.