Cluster Chain Network in Business Communication

In the cluster chain, a person tells the information to the selected persons who may in turn relay (pass) the information to other selected persons. In the cluster chain network, there is an individual who, acts as a source of a message, transmits information to the pre-selected group of individuals out of whom few individuals again tell the same message to other selected group of individuals. In the cluster chain, a person tells the information to the selected people who may, in turn, pass the information to other selected people. Likewise, the chain continues, and the message reaches all in the network. Most of the informal communication follows this chain. This type of network is most common in an organization. Under this network, an individual communicates only with those persons whom he trusts.

Cluster Chain Network one person shares information with a group of selected individuals and in turn each of those individuals shares that information with others.

A cluster network is an informational network where someone first tells the message to the selected individuals and those selected individuals pass the same information to other selected individuals and the process continues in the same way. This pattern is similar to the telephone tree, wherein one person calls the other two persons, then these two persons call the other three persons, and again these three persons are expected to call the other three persons. Here the pivotal or the center person passes the information to the other persons who pass the information to the other selected persons. Likewise, the information gets transmitted to all persons connected to the telephone network. After receiving the information, some of them convey it further to a selected few & rest of them to keep it with themselves. This is the most common form of an informal communication network.

The cluster chain is the most commonly used network, where one person tells two or three people, who in turn keep the information to themselves or pass it on to two or three others. When a person passes on information only to his trustworthy people believing that they won’t tell it to anyone, but they do the same thing. In yet another condition, one individual communicates to a few selected associates who in turn communicate the same to yet another group. Thus, the message spreads to a selected group of people; this network is known as a cluster. Most of the information communication follows this chain.


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