Concept of Learning

Learning is a continuous manner. There are many special mastering types and processes to gaining knowledge of. To analyze successfully it’s far critical to tailor your look at conduct to your very own wishes and style, this regularly way choosing strategies that help you examine whilst we first come to be privy to what we’re now not appropriate at—for instance, dealing with our budget if we’re in debt, playing an instrument if we in no way have, or running with our repressed emotions—it has a tendency to bring up feelings of weakness and inadequacy.

Concept of Learning

Each employer has to cross for improvement of new employees after the procedure of recruitment, choice, and socialization. On other hands, to develop the existing personnel in step with the change in environmental context, it additionally should cross for development of employees through learning.

Learning is a procedure through which a surprisingly permanent charge is yielded upon a person. It ensures an alternate conduct via exercise, education, or experience. It brings about a relative change as a result of revel in. The change can be carried out either via direct or indirect enjoy. Direct revel in is by doing the task in real work scenario and oblique experience is by commentary. We are able to a degree the trade in behavior, attitude as a way to arise because of learning.

Learning is a continuous interaction which is essential for both people and organization. It helps to expand knowledge and skill in individual who is interacting with the particular environment, The success of learning depends on how seriously the individuals are interacting with the organizational and social environment. This process helps people to gain knowledge and skills through changing behavior which ultimately leads to high productivity, quality of work life, and makes people ready for the change.

Learning has following two components:

  1. The prime objective of learning is to endure a change in individuals. This change can be desirable or undesirable. However, from organization’s point of view, a desirable change is acceptable.
  2. Permanency is another component of learning. In learning, it is assumed that the change is relatively permanent. Temporary change does not occur learning. So, learning must relatively permanent.


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