Difference between HRD and HRM

Difference between HRD and HRM

Human resources development refers to an organization’s focus on improving the knowledge, ability, skills, and other talents of their employees. It is the integrated use of training, organization, and career development efforts to improve individual, group, and organizational effectiveness.

Human Resource Management is the process of managing people in an organization in systematic and organized manner. The main goal of human Resource management maximizes the productivity by enhancing the efficiency of employees in an organization. To manage efficiently and accomplish the goals of an organization, Human Resource Management is composed of various interrelated activities.

Both are very important concepts of management specifically related to human resources of an organization. Human resource management and human resource development can be differentiated on the following grounds:

  • The human resource management is mainly maintenance oriented whereas human resource development is development oriented.
  • Organization structure in case of human resources management is independent whereas human resource development creates a structure, which is inter-dependent and inter-related.
  • Human resource management mainly aims to improve the efficiency of the employees whereas aims at the development of the employees as well as the organization as a whole.
  • The responsibility of human resource development is given to the personnel/human resource management department and specifically to personnel manager whereas responsibility of HRD is given to all managers at various levels of the organization.
  • HRM motivates the employees by giving them monetary incentives or rewards whereas human resource development stresses on motivating people by satisfying higher-order needs.


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