Intern Experience at Probashi Palli Group

Intern Experience at Probashi Palli Group

In 2007, Probashi Palli Group established with the primary goal of providing first-grade quality service and takes a leadership role in the Real Estate market. Throughout the year, their dedication to quality and diligence in remaining technically state have been the key ingredients of their success in several client‟s engagements. They have thus been able to maintain long-term relationship with distinctions and pride.The Chairman Mr. Mohidur Rahman a prominent Businessman of the time first realized the potential of the sector in Bangladesh. Completing his study in England he came back to the country and funds the capital a hazy junk of buildings established without proper planning.

While the trend in many businesses has been to diversify, this basic trend has guided PPG to diversify its activities. Their expertise lies in Real Estate and their only business is providing exceptional services, in efforts which encompasses land owners’ support, system design and administration etc.In 2008 they signed for their first project.and in 2010 they signed for their another project.

In some instances, their sizable staff helps their clients to pick their peak workloads, allowing them to focus on the operation of their day-to-day business. They also emphasize their capabilities in undertaking large complex development projects, and share with their clients the commitment in meeting stringent deadlines and objectives. They pride their service in being able to make the difference between a project that is delayed and a job that is well done within a reasonable time frame. They are customer focus company and strive their best to make them smile.


To provide:

  • Safe investment of foreign currency by all includes nonresident Bangladeshis (NRB).
  • Real estate service for the people who desire to have secured abode with all utility services
  • Employment opportunity for promising and educated youths
  • To work as a confidence – building institution


  • Weaving trust, transparency, honesty & progress.


  • Commitment to the high ethical existence.

Product/Service offering

Probashi Palli Group. has visualized a wonderful concept of a land project that will turn into a mile stone in real eastet sector of Bangladesh and in the process help build the country‟s economy and will contribute a lot by creating thousands of job opportunities. Besides, it will be a source of earning foreign currency through proper channel. This project is designed to offer investment opportunity to the resident Bangladeshis as well as non-residence Bangladeshi, especially for the low income group, middle class and elite group of people in Bangladesh.

Probashi Palli Group. Designed to offer the investment opportunity to the potential service persons of armed force, police force, lawyers, media people, civil society and above all govt. and privet sector employees. RAJUK initiative of developing the largest of its land development site is adjacent and almost next to our project.

Between these short periods of time their achievements are a lot. They have started with one project called “Probashi Palli Abashon Prokalpo” which one is almost ready to provide to the client. Plot allotment paper already been distributed to the client in two separate functions one in Dhaka and another in London last year by the presents of many Honorable people. Beside these, they have taken another project such as:

  1. Probashi Palli River View Prokalpo
  2. Probashi Palli Satellite Town
  3. Purbachal Probashi Palli Ltd.
  4. Probashi Palli Abason

5.Shah Amanot City Ltd.

  1. Probashi Palli Holdings Ltd.
  2. Purbachal Shahparan City Ltd.
  3. Next Builders Ltd.

9.Shahjalal City Gazipur Ltd.

10.Faiza Securities Ltd.

11.Purbachal Adnan City

12.Hotel Black Rose

13.Hotel Fahim International

14.Probashi Palli Agro based Industry

15.South Surma Developement Ltd.

16.Probashi Palli Education & Developemt Ltd.

Investment in Probashi Palli is a great opportunity for all the NRBs and local people of Bangladesh. This will provide them full security of their investment and thereby they will become a prestigious owner of a plot at Probashi Palli.


Project Developement Reveiew

In 20 June, 2007 a seminar on this project was held in Dhaka at Pan pacific Sonargaon hotel. The seminar was attended by Italian Ambassador, businessmen from home and abroad and other distinguished guests. On 27th July, 2007 Italian Ambassador was visited “PROBASHI PALLI” project in presents of Managing Director Mr. Mohidur Rahman.In the Signing ceremony on Expression of Interest to invest in housing project for NRBs “Probashi Palli” was arranged on 29st January 2007 in Dhaka Hotel Sheraton Ball Room.On 28th April, 2007 “PROBASHI PALLI” London Office Inaugurating By Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman, Chairman ATN Bangla. On 12th August, 2007 Mr. Mohidur Rahman Managing Director “PROBASHI PALLI” visited the project with BBCC representative team. On 13th November 2007, “PROBASHI PALLI” Dhaka Office Inaugurating Robert Evans, Chairman of South Asia (M.E.P). In 7th January 2008, at Dhaka in a luxurious hotel “PROBASHI PALLI” arranged a seminar about NRBs investment in Bangladesh. “NAGRECHA BROTHERS” (BRITISH INDIAN BUSINESS COMPANY)‟s representative team was present. On 29th April 2008, “Impression Event Venue”- Plot allotment letter distribution ceremony was held at London. In 11th September, 2008 Managing Director “PROBASHI PALLI” met with Honorable Minister for foreign affairs and Expatriate‟s welfare Dr. DIPU MONI and informed her about the project.On 9th November, 2008 Managing Director “PROBASHI PALLI” invited to British High commission for attending a meeting with British High Commissioner Stephen Evens about the NRBs investment in Bangladesh. Probashi Palli Group plays a vital role in socio-economic development of Bangladesh. There are some crucial roles denotes in below:

  • Encourage NRB for invest in Bangladesh.
  • Housing sector development.
  • Housing facilities for Non-Resident of Bangladesh (NRB)
  • Infrastructural development in Bangladesh.
  • Solve unemployment problem.
  • Motivate local people for investment and solve their housing problem.

In month of October 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2008 they have been participated in a housing fair at Bangabandhu Convention Centre for the first time. The name of the fair was “International Buildtek & Housing Expo, 2008”. On that fair they have received „Best Seller Award‟. Beside this, they arranged their own venue which was their single fair. It was held on 6th & 7th of November, 2008 at „Hotel Black Rose International‟. The name of that fair was “Probashi Palli Housing Fair, 2008”. They also had good responses from that fair.

In this project they offering their client “At a time payment offer for a plot” and also “installment payment offer over 9 years for a plot”. Moreover- there are various discount they offering in case of more than one plot purchase, discount for the corporate purchase and many more. This is the first time in Bangladesh- they offering separate block for Doctors, Engineers, Layers, Justices, Medias and Polices. Moreover, they have offering them multi opportunities for buy a plot.

Vision for the Future

Probash Palli Group are basically focusing on Land Business but recently they are interested on Newspaper, Apartment Business and electronics.SO they are now trying to diversify their business. In this situation they are progressing their business and they are focusing their mission to establish their future vision.

According to their recent condition we can hope that the actual scenerio will be change and there will be a different business opportunity in Bangladesh which can bring some new business for Probashi Palli Group.In some caes we can tell about Their newspaper “Ajker Patrika”, “Probashi Palli Electronics”etc. These diversified business are bringing some quality in consumer mind and its focusing on more money for Bangladesh Government.So in this cases the future of this organization will create new opportunity for Bangladeshi Citizen and also bring more remitence for Bangladesh Government.

Description /Nature of the jobs

In July 2010 i joined in Probashi palli Group as a Corporate Trainee HR (Part-time).There my first work is to provide a network with employees and deals with them as a intermediare with company and employee.On that time my work is to maintain a proper good relation and build up a corporate relation to the employee.

In 2011 I promoted as a Junior Executive HR and my duty was extended .On that time i had to maintain all the documents of the employee and also handled all the lower level employee like site supervisor, office staff etc.On that time I had handled more than hundred supervisors for maintaining their compensation, Bonuses, their attandance and also make a leaseo with them.

 After 2011 I was promoted as a Executive HR and my duties are also extended. Now I handled overall HR in this organization and i am providing every facilities to the employees.There i directly work with managing director and get direction for some different issues.I also advised by my Manager HR for some activities.My Other responsibilities are:

*Performance Appraisal,

*Employee Engagement

*Compensation & Benefit

*Team Management

*Project Planning

Specific Responsibilities of the Job

From my joining, i am working as a officer where i was selected for doing some specific work. Thoses works are very important and hard work for me.In example i have to make a HR

Budget for every month and also have to prepare a Mothly report for inflow and outflows. I every Month there are many candiaites are applying where i work in recruitment and selection team to scan curricular vitea and have to call them for interview.When the applicant has been selected by our organization ,i prepare appointment letter and directly communicate with them till his joining. In every month i provide salaries by cash and disbursement and can directly communicate with managers and Directors for administrative work also.Morever my responsibility is to maintain HR and Admionsitration of this company.

Different Aspects of job Performance

Although i provide all the work related with HR but in some cases i have to do some different work.In many cases i have to go to bank and different organization for understanding their work and i also try to implement it.

As a small company , Probashi palli Group is trying to use their employee for multitasking work. By this way they try to minimize their resources for the future planning.So that they are trying to find the employees capability.As a HR officer i tried to do all the HR work which is basically related with HR department but in some urgency i also work as a admin officer also.

Critical Observations and Recommendation

As a silent work i observe some think which is help me to understand this job. Inshort i also understand how a employee can handle different work is a same time. How the organization try to minimize their resources and try to find out the emplyees skill. I also observe that any employee can be motivate or de-motivated by the environment. How managers motivate their employee and how the work goes on.In many cases i also faced some politics in corporate world and also understand to skip the situation also.From the different managers i learn that how they try to face the situation and the way to minimize the criticism others.

In This organization, i also faced some difficulties where i feel that those things should be changed. In Many cases those things shouldnot be applied. I strongly observe that this organization are properly managed but in many cases which cannot be handled properly .In this reason they faced the problem again & again. They are used to some normal situation so they try to maintain those but employee will not face the same situation in every time.So here they have to think about strategic planning.


From the above analyses, it is evident that Real Estate Company has many positive and negative features and the customers are mostly satisfies with the services offered. They also provide better services to their customer and improving their business year to year. But the management of those Real Estate Company should consider the findings and take all necessary steps for further research and if they think that the customers of this real estate are homogeneous in their choice and preferences.So they may consider the following recommendations to gain more customers there are:

The Management of these five Real Estate Company should conduct more product & services awareness campaign. They should increase the level of providing personal attention to individual customers.

Residence is one of the basic needs of human beings. The right to live in one‟s own is a fundamental right of people and it is internationally recognized. The demand of housing in urban areas in developing countries like Bangladesh is dramatically increasing due to natural increase and its fast growth rate. Rural people are migrating not only to find jobs but many wealthy people are moving to urban areas like Dhaka city for the fulfillment of their expectations of better of their future generation, and for enjoying the modern facilities of the city life. This has resulted into a serious crisis all over the country especially in the major cities of Bangladesh. In recent time, the private real estate firms have taken initiatives by ensuring maximum uses of land in a planned way. In this system it is possible to accommodate more people in a comparatively small place.