Reunion Agenda

Reunion Agenda

A reunion can be considered as a special event and a time to celebrate and rejoice. It could be a reunion of a family, class or even high school. A reunion agenda is a type of agenda that is specially designed for a reunion. It is an occasion of sorts which can bring back old memories back to you and leave you wondering as to how you should celebrate the occasion. Reunion agenda is significant in ensuring that you are able to pull off a happy and worthwhile celebration.

When you need to write down the reunion agenda, depends on the date the reunion has been planned and the kind of events you intend to hold on that day. Reunions are only made possible through the hard work and commitment of a committee. Writing it down early is suggested especially if you have many plans in your list and are finding it difficult to remember every single one of them. A committee agenda generally involves the planning of activities, performances, and the like. Writing the agenda ahead of schedule will give you the time to prepare for everything and be ready for the grand day as and when it arrives.

You will have some things to do and discuss with the people you are meeting again and trying to remember everything without an agenda in hand is practically impossible. Planning your first class reunion isn’t too difficult as people have still managed to stay in touch with one another and memories are still fresh.

If you are the one arranging for the reunion, you need to consider the people you have decided to invite and send the invitation to them as soon as possible. You also need to remember that people may have other things to do and may not consider a reunion as important unless they are given prior information about the event.

To prepare for the reunion, you need an agenda of all the plans and ideas discussed during a meeting. If you are planning the reunion, it is but natural for you to assume the responsibility of preparing the reunion agenda. You will initially need to understand the kind of reunion you’re planning to have and differentiate whether it is a family reunion, a school reunion or just a class reunion. It’s important to gather insights and suggestions from everyone.

The language used in the agenda must be simple and easy to understand. You also need to consider whether this is the first reunion you are holding or whether it is a regular event which is repeated every year or after every few months. The agenda must contain the following information for the benefit of invitees who will be attending the reunion.


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