Sample Construction Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Construction Meeting Agenda Format

[Construction meeting agendas can be written prior to beginning a particular project, during the construction and even in the closing stages of the project. The objective of the meeting agenda would be to keep all parties involved in the loop to ensure everything is progressing according to schedule.]

Points to consider while drafting Construction Meeting Agendas –

  • The name of the project, date of completion and the teams involved in the construction must be invited to the meeting.
  • The agenda must be addressed to the people responsible for a specific task.
  • Information about the specific timeline for the project should be made clear on the agenda along with the target date for the completion of the project.
  • Inquiries about any additional materials needed for the completion of the project must also be considered.


Example of Construction Meeting Agenda –

Pre-construction Meeting Agenda (Agenda topic)

[From Name of the Company Managing The Construction]

[Address of the Company And Contact Details]

[To All Staff Of the Company],

[Subject: Pre-construction Meeting For New Project For (Company/Institute name) Manufacturers]

The staff of the company is aware that we have been awarded a major contract from 5M manufacturers for the construction of their headquarters which makes it necessary for us to hold a pre-construction meeting to discuss the following aspects. The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  • Introductions
  • Names of representatives attending [list the names of all participants along with the departments they are leading].
  • Discussion of the construction contract.
  • Schedule for the completion of the contract.
  • Review of the construction plans.
  • Working area limits.
  • Storage and staging areas.
  • Construction safety and archaeological issues.
  • Final comments and notes.

This meeting has been organized to discuss the agenda specified and the attendees representing their department are advised to prepare for the same in advance.


[signature of the authorized signatory]

[name of the authorized signatory].


Another Example Of Construction Meeting Agenda –


[From Cross-Country Construction]

[Date: Date of the Meeting],

[From Name of the Individual Calling for The Meeting],

[Subject: Project Progress Meeting Agenda],

[Name of the Project For the Discussion]

(Items for discussion.)

(1) Introduction.

(2) A review of the minutes of the last meeting.

(3) Project schedule — consider an updated master schedule.

(4) Contingency modifications if any.

(5) Request for information is required in the RFI log.

(6) Contractor times.

  • Signage changes.
  • Selection of colour needed
  • Hardware.
  • Lead time for HVAC

(7) Items for the engineer.

(8) Items for the campus.

(9) Direct purchase of materials including HVAC equipment.

(10) Next meeting to be scheduled on [date of the meeting].


[signature of the authorized signatory]

[name of the authorized signatory].

[Note: When preparing a construction meeting agenda the individual concerned must gather all the information needed from his or her supervisors because it will be crucial for the meeting.]