Digital Communication System

Communication can also take place with the help of light. The airport officials give various signals through light to the pilots for their safe landing. In this case communication is through light and hence is termed as Optical communication. Satellites also play a vital role in communication by receiving signals from the earth station, amplifying it and then resending it back to the earth. Communication can take place with the aid of an artificial satellite between two points on the earth. In the same way signal can also be sent in a digitalized form as in case of Digital communication.

The process of communication is initiated the moment the sender gets some thought in his brain. To share his ideas with others, the thoughts must be converted into a meaningful content by careful selection of words.

In digital communication information flows in a digital form and the source is generally the keyboard of the computer. A single individual is capable of digital communication and thus it also saves wastage of manpower and is one of the cheapest modes of communication. Digital communication is also a really quick way to communicate. The information can reach the recipient within a fraction of a second. An individual no longer has to wait to personally meet the other individual and share his information.

Digital communication can take place anytime. You just need to have your computer and you can communicate and share your ideas and thoughts anytime anywhere just by the click of a button.

The disadvantage of digital communication is the recipient can’t view the expressions of the sender and has to rely only on the information sent to him. Facial expressions don’t really matter in digital communication. One must master the art of writing emails for an effective digital communication. Always remember the other person can’t see you; he just has to depend on the mail. Your e mail has to be impressive and relevant to create the desired impact and for the recipient to respond and give his feedback. A person putting up in India can now very easily chat and even see his friend putting up in Los Angeles, thanks to video conferencing and Digital communication. , Orkut, Twitter are also instrumental in digital communication.

Digital Communication System