Business plan on Air Refresher Machine

Executive summery:

Our new invention the alarming rate of CO2 gas in Dhaka City. It is a special invention that will help us to find that places and help to decrease the density of CO2 on the air. It will stand on the side of a road, when a lots of vehicle will stand on that time , and CO2 will increase so that harmful for the human body. That time it will absorbed CO2 . will a simple reaction with CO. Reaction gases and will remove as a non harmful matter , just opposite of CO2 . The machine’s price is 40,000 tk. which is consisted by free body cost, promotional cost, operating cost, profit expectation etc are so important. The government can buy the product and they follow the monopoly market strategy and export it all over the countries.

Chapter – 1

Introduction :

Many people live in Bangladesh. In Dhaka city , the density of population is so high. Every day the growth rate of population is increasing as a result the transport car is increasing on the road and in the many ways the traffic jam is created. Due to traffic jam and high density of population in the transport the Co2 is to be high on the road day by day. This reason the people of the transports are victim in the physical and mental hesitations. To remove high Co2 and those problems and to passing O2 on the people , M-S-H air refresher machine is come in the town. Beside this removing problems, we can earn more foreign exchange by exporting the product in foreign countries and the reputation of our country will be gained through the applying the monopoly marketing strategy of the product all over the world.

Scope of the report:

The report covers the different aspect and activities etc that are required to gather knowledge about New product Idea. The researcher’s own judgment and also from the internet. The finding is strictly structure upon information provided by these sources and some. The focus hare is on presentation of facts as discovered.


  • Lack of time for preparing the report.
  • We cannot give the full concentration in this report because of some other report.
  • Related person’s unwilling to provide information in interview.

Methods of collecting the data:

  • Identification of Business
  • Survey and Observations
  • Analysis of the Information
  • Put all together to prepare the report

Chapter – 2

Why Jam increasing day by day :

1. Distracted drivers(cell phone, grooming, rubbernecking, etc.),
2. People riding their brakes,
3. Drivers making unnecessary staggered movements,
4. Drivers impeding traffic, by excessively slow driving,
5. Highly indecisive drivers,
6. Drivers intentionally holding up traffic,
7. Drivers buying vehicles without the ability to drive within the potential of their vehicles,
8. Drivers without locus of control, and
9. In various situations, drivers in excessive waiting patterns.

The aforementioned drivers, are key players and villains, involved in traffic being tied up.  Drivers need to learn, not only, how to operate their vehicles, also needed, is knowledge of how to drive their vehicles, with maximum efficiency and well executed driving methods.  In parking lots, people have a tendency to wait extenuous periods, for a parking space, driving the wrong way in parking decks, and drivers cause gridlock using onboard entertainment systems.

Responsible for the suffering :

  • Affect on Human Being :
  • Time wasting
  • Mental Hesitation
  • Hart Problem
  • Breathing losing / Failure.

Removing Process :

 I live in the us, and there are a few simple rules people should follow, to wit:

  1. If you are going to drive the speed limit or slower, stay out of the left (or Passing) lane.
  2. If you are in the left lane,
  3. and someone driving faster than you comes up from behind,
  4. change lanes at the first safe opportunity and let them pass.

This will help cut down on the weaving in and out of lanes, and really, is just common sense.

What is carbon dioxide and how is it discovered?

Joseph Black, a Scottish chemist and physician, first identified carbon dioxide in the 1750s. At room temperatures (20-25 oC), carbon dioxide is an odorless, colorless gas, which is faintly acidic and non-flammable. Carbon dioxide is a molecule with the molecular formula CO2. The linear molecule consists of a carbon atom that is doubly bonded to two oxygen atoms, O=C=O.
Although carbon dioxide mainly consists in the gaseous form, it also has a solid and a liquid form. It can only be solid when temperatures are below -78 oC. Liquid carbon dioxide mainly exists when carbon dioxide is dissolved in water. Carbon dioxide is only water-soluble, when pressure is maintained. After pressure drops the CO2 gas will try to escape to air. This event is characterized by the CO2 bubbles forming into water.


weather cooling

Three Parts :

It is consists of mainly 3-part.

  • Manager: It indicates CO2-on the weather. And make a music to the head office.
  • Service    : It gather co2– on a tank and compression + reaction to non-harmful materials.
  • Holder    : It make non-harmful and pass over it.

How MSH works:

It stands on road side. It has a indicator. When CO2-increase on the rod it music and find in it. Reaction makes another

Matter . so, it remove carbon-di-oxide and helps people.

Three Parts:

M – Manager

 S – Secured

 H – Holder

consist two part

1st Step:

Co2 when increase up to bad level , the indicator will be active .

The substance are “ C – indicator”

2nd step:

When Co2 will gather , then to decrease to another substance the reaction.

Co2 + H2 → H2co3

Then , it compressed and will reaction with Cl2

Hco3 + Cl2 → Hcl + O2

Then . Hcl will remove and oxygen will be on the fresh air .

Last Reaction :

Hcl → H⁺ + Cl⁻

Head Office or official sector:

air condition

a)     A meter: That will show the level at Carbon – di-oxide on the road area.

b)     Two Bulbs: It indicate the ‘Green’ and ‘Red’ signal .

c)      When the red signal is shown the controller will start the machine. When a specific amount at Co2 will be re-process then the Green signal will show. And the machine will be stopped.

d)     There is a thermometer also. That will indicate the machine temperater.

e)    Computer Operator: There are one or two computers which operated by one or two persons. The operating manager has responsibility that always time monitoring the activities of M-S-H air refresher machine on the road.

Chapter – 3

Target Market :

Target Market will be divided in to two parts such as-

1. Who will buy our product?

        Government, foreign agencies, social organization or many other organization purchase our product and they create a marketing system in the country and foreign countries if we convince their about the machine’s process and its activities and benefits properly.

 2. Target  Market.

  •       Our mission  own country service of product and human being develop .
  •       Our vision is worldwide product service .
  •       For fresh air increase and  Carbon-di-oxide decrease.
  •       MSH air refresher machine just not use for road. It will use for place of increasing Carbon di Oxide that it will decrease Carbon di oxide .

Market Segmentation / Target group :

Market segmentation plays a vital role to operate the product in the market .Overall level of public are benefited by the machine not individual level or group in the town because all levels of public are victim to the traffic jam and suffering the pain of many mental and physical problems that machine or product help them to remove those pains.

Marketing strategy :

The product of business is new in the market or town. Here is no competitor in the market . So our product business can follow the monopoly market strategy.

Investment / Capital :

According to land, labor, capital and organization for producing the product at first our investment will be 20,00,00,000 Tk. At a letter time the investment will be increased depending upon a demand of the product in the market. Our propose capital may get from government , foreign aid agencies or many social and environmental organizations etc by offering them about the benefits of the machine or product. Otherwise the capital will be collected from those source are give in below-

  •              Bank
  •              Own capital
  •              Parents
  •              friends
  •              Government
  •              Foreign Agencies
  •              Other financial institutes.

Impact on environment :

             Co2 will be decreased or reduced by using the machine.

             The cool weather will be remained in the environment of the road .

Distribution Channel :

The process of the distribution channel, our product expanded in the own country and foreign country. The govt. can buy and handling the product and they plays a vital role to exporting the product all over the world. Our distribution channel is run on the organization where it will be operated properly.

Product price:

To estimate our product price involved list price, discount, credit terms etc . To set up product price is depended on some condition such as purchasing raw-materials, operating cast , packing cost , designing cost , tax etc those are so important .

Cost of free body structure and others


Iron [20 K.G.]

2,000 Tk.


1 Pecs

   500 Tk.


H2 [ Grey color ]

             10,000 Tk.

Cl2 [ Grey color ]

2,400 Tk.


As required

   100 Tk.

Free body structure cost


             15,000 Tk.
promotional cost


5,000 Tk.

Operating  cost{a meter and two bulbs}

[One or two persons]

             10,000 Tk.


             10,000 Tk.
Total cost of M-S-H air refresher machine              40,000 Tk.

Benefits of the product :

  •       It makes passengers as good citizen.
  •       Removing or decreasing the fickle – minded of passengers .
  •       Build up the fresh mind .
  •       Reducing hart problem .
  •       We can earn a lot of  foreign exchange by exporting the machine .
  •       Through exporting the machine , our country gain reputation / good will all over the world .
  •       It may alternative activities of  the tree.
  •       It  help us to decreasing the mental hesitation.
  •        Removing the breathing losing / Failure .

Our expectation about product :

Our expectation about product that improvement of the product through using the high technology .  Our product set up not only in the road but also in the place where Co2  is so high. It also has more expectation socially about product whose given in below .

  •    Removing environment pollution.
  •    Help to be healthy.
  •    Highly life expectation.
  •    Reducing mental hazard.

Limitation :

The machine throw the waste of Hydrogen Chloride [Hcl] .Which is so harmful to growth crops and water . If we  can take the steps of good draying systems then it will be possible to protect.

It also Some limitations

     More costly : No doubt to say that this product is indeed a high costly product .

     High promotional cost : As it is new product so it will take high promotional cost .

Target profit :

 So that our product is new so initially starting of the business to reach in the target profit is less possible in the market . In this market no gain , no loss are happened, that means the breakeven point will be occurred in here .

Conclusion :

Finally we can that , it is an important industrial machine or product in the Bangladesh and is approved by engineering association of bd. It is an useful for human, society and commercial sector development in the country. It will be able to purchase government. As though supplies easily in various region of country at the time of traffic jam, beside this it can be purchased any kind of private sectors, such as foreign agencies or social organization etc.

 business plan on Air Refresher Machine