A Village Doctor

A village doctor is a physician who lives in the village and gives medical treatment to the rural people when they become ill. He is a popular figure in the village. He is familiar to almost all the villagers. He is not a qualified doctor. He is a quack. He starts his career with the experience he gathered by working with a doctor or in a dispensary. He can deal well with common diseases. He has a dispensary with an almirah, a chair, a table, and one or two benches. He sits in the dispensary, examines the patients and gives medicines. He is very active, punctual and dutiful. He gets up early in the morning. Generally, he opens his dispensary early in the morning and begins to attend to the patients. He tries his best to cure the patient but takes little fees from them. He receives the cost of medicine. He leads a very simple life. Then he goes out in the village to see his patients. When he goes out, he either walks on foot or goes by bicycle. In the absence of any qualified doctor, a village doctor renders useful services to the villagers. He is an important person to them. A village doctor is highly regarded and respected by the rural people. He is a welcome guest for the rural people as he is readily available at any time to respond to their call. He attends the patient even at late hours of the night. He does not mind the long distance. In fact, a village doctor is very instrumental in rendering service to the patients. A village doctor is an important figure to the villagers because they find him whenever they call him. Actually, he is the best friend of the villagers.