A Visit to Rumah Sayang Orphanage

A Visit to Rumah Sayang Orphanage

Last week (date), the school/college Club (Name) had organized a visit to the orphanage which named “Rumah Bahagia Orphanage “that was located in Kuala Lumpur. The trip was comprised of thirty members and accompanied by three teachers. It was a bright morning when 30 members of the Social Society set out by school bus to Taman Cheras for a good cause: to visit the orphans in Rumah Sayang. The Teacher-Advisors who accompanied these caring students were Jenny Ling and John Khoo.

We boarded a huge bus from our school to the destination and arrived at about 10.00 a.m in the morning. The Matron, Mrs. Edwards, was there to welcome us. Our arrival was greeted by all of the little cute children and some of the volunteers. The orphans had lined up in the hall waiting for us. They looked so happy when they saw us. The welcome we received from them was very warm and touching. All of us were surprised by their response.

We started off with an ice-breaking session. Then, we taught them how to make paper cranes which were stuffed into a lovely glass bottle. It was a lot of fun, especially towards the end. After that, we played games with the little children there such as tug-of-war, gunny sack race and bobbing for apple race at the courtyard of the house.

The children were really adorable. We had a lot of fun and the children enjoyed themselves very well. There was a little boy named Rick, who stuck to June and liked sitting on her lap. There were other volunteers there on that day too. There was one group of people who gave them haircuts. Another group of volunteers gave them tuition lessons. They seemed to have a nice time with us.

Lastly, we also gave presents that we had brought to all the children including the volunteers there. The trip ended with a lot of hugs, goodbyes and a huge group picture. Everyone had a great time and this event was a success. Overall, it was a great and enjoyable experience and I think some of us are already thinking of visiting them again soon.


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