Application for Change of Subject in College/University

Application for Change of Subject in College/University

The Dean/Principal,

University/College Name….



Subject: Application for Change of Subjects


Respected Sir/Madam,

It is stated that I am …..(name)…..and my registration number is (no….). I took admission in this esteemed institution this year in (Department/subject); (Pre Engineering/(current subject) 1st year. This was my own verdict to continue my study in engineering/(your subject) subjects as I have got good marks. But unfortunately I am not able to cope up with Mathematics/(any subject)- which is the major subject and utmost need of engineering/(your subject).

Sir/Madam, as I also fall on merit of Pre-medical/(your interested subject) and my basics of biology/(subject) are better than that of mathematics/(subject). I want you to kindly, allow me to change my subjects. From Pre-Engineering/(your current subject) I want to switch to Pre-Medical/(interested subject) group. I want to change my subject from (current subject to interested subject).

I understand, it was a incorrect judgment of mine. Still, I believe its not too late. It would be your kindness if you understand my request and allow me to change my subject. I have filled he per-forma of subject change which is attached with the application. Kindly, have a review upon it.


I shall be grateful to you.


Yours Obediently,

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Subject with roll number…