Application for Establishment of a Debating Club in College

Application on Prayer for establishment of a debating club in College

Date: dd/mm/yy


The Principle

Institute name…..


Subject: Prayer for establishment of a debating club in College.


With due respectfully to state that, we, the student of this College have been feeling the need of a debating club in our College. A debating club provides opportunity for the students to develop their power of contemplating and oration. It widens the horizon on the knowledge of the students as they have to study different books around the topic. There are promising girls and boys who, if get possibility, can show their talents in debate and even can bring to victory to your College in national debate competition.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to manage and maintain a debating club in our college as soon as possible and oblige us thereby.

You’re most obediently,

The students of

College name…