Application For Opening A Computer Club

Date: 00 Month: …. Year: 0000

The Principal,

ABCD School/College, (Name of Institution)


Subject: Prayer for opening a computer club.


With due respect, we beg to state that ours is an old school/college in the city. It is reputed for standard education and cultural activities. We enjoy almost all modern academic facilities in our college except a computer club. But a computer club is also a very useful part of education. Today computer science is very important in every walks of our life. Computer has made impossible possible. It has brought about a radical change in our life. It is wonderfully made our life easy, happy and comfortable. It works like a human brain. Modern life cannot be thought of without computer science. Many students of our school/college study on computer science. So, computer club is very important for us. The club can wonderfully develop our knowledge about computer world by holding discussions on computer science. Our computer teachers have given their kind consent at this.

We, therefore, earnestly request you to set up a computer club in our school/college so that we may gain more knowledge on computer science.

I remain,


Yours obediently,

XYZ, (Name of Student)

Class: 00,

On behalf of the students of ABCD School/College.