Bad Company

Bad Company

Man is basically a social creature. Human beings influence one another through association. If the people you stay with are the wrong type for you, remaining alone is a way better. Mixing with bad company is what every youngster should avoid. The reason is simple. ‘Better Alone Thank in a Bad Company’ is a wise saying. In such a company, sooner or later the youngster will be exposed to activities that are possibly unhealthy, unwholesome, antisocial, dishonest, illegal or even criminal. Once exposed, the negative effects can last a long time, perhaps for a lifetime. It is better to be called a loner than to be labeled as a bad person.

A man’s personality is shaped by the influence he gets from his friends and persons with whom he comes in contact with. The company you keep will determine largely what you do, how you think and where your life will proceed. In other words, keeping bad company will eventually ruin your life. People who fear alone time tend to be the ones who need it most. Anyone can easily make a wreck of his or her life by associating with the wrong people. It is better off to be without any friends than to have friends with a bad character.

Bad company is not hard to spot. Bad company is like a virus that spreads its fangs all around. For example, if your friends smoke, then chances are you will catch on. If they take alcohol or drugs, chances are you will be tempted to give them a try. One try leads to another and it will not be long before you are hooked. Alcoholism, lung diseases, AIDS or a miserable life may in store for you. This is equally true of a man of evil nature. He spreads his ill-influence all around. So for your own wellbeing, it is better to avoid such friends. There is no need to make enemies of them. Just avoid them.

A bad company will always hold you back from being your happy self. If you mix around with friends who vandalize public property, shop-life, scratch cars or extort money, then it is time to call it quits with them. Such behavior will lead to more serious offenses and it is a matter of time when you are on the wrong side of the law. Get out quick before it too late. It has, therefore, rightly been said, Better Alone Than in a Bad Company”.

A good company is what can make you happy every day so it is only a matter of time and everyone will find the right one. Make friends with good and decent people. keep away from bad company. No doubt good company is better than being alone.