Colors – an Open Speech

Colors – an Open Speech

Imagine a world without colors. If you see only shades of grey around you, wouldn’t you find it dull and boring? Would it make you feel gloomy and that everything is ugly and uninteresting? I am quite certain you would say yes to all these questions. We, humans, love colors.

We love colors because colors make our world beautiful. All things on earth have their own colors and hues. Even things of the same type may have many shades and colors. Flowers, for example, come in many colors. Roses come in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, red, pink, orange, and even blue. The sky changes in color depending on the time and the season. The contrast between the colors of things makes the world more visually interesting. Man learned from nature, and so the things that man makes come in a variety of colors too. For example, mobile phones today come with a selection of colored covers so that users can choose the color they like best. They can also change the color of the phone whenever they wish.

Colors can also convey meanings. Red is the color of blood. So it traditionally signals danger. That is why danger signs are always red. However, red also represents energy and passion or love. Yellow is the color of sunshine so yellow signifies happiness. Green is the color of leaves and so it gives the impression of freshness, growth, and safety. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. Blue represents calmness, wisdom, and truth. Besides these four primary colors, other colors and shades are also associated with specific meanings. Hence, colors are carefully chosen when dressing or when coloring a design in order to convey a non-verbal message.

Colors in fact have a strong effect on us. They can make us feel positive or negative. They can affect our mood. They can change our feelings towards an object or place. Restaurants use bright colors like red, yellow, and orange to garnish their dishes because these colors increase the appetite. Each of us may find that we like certain colors more than others from a young because the colors that attract us make us feel good. Once we recognize the colors that have a positive effect on us, we should surround ourselves with those colors.

To end, we should be thankful that our world is so colorful. The variety of colors makes our world beautiful. The different colors are associated with certain meanings and can convey an unspoken message. Colors do have the power to influence our emotions so it is essential to recognize which colors affect us positively.