Curriculum Vita Format for Research Assistant

Curriculum Vita Format for Research Assistant



Name: XYZ

Postal Address:


Place of Birth:


Marital Status:


Expected Salary Range: As Applicable


Blood Group:




Position requiring innovative, challenging employment that will Utilize my education and professional skill and offer advancement opportunity.




  1. B.Sc (Aero-sciences) In (date) to (date) from (Institute name).
  2. Senior Command & Staff Course = B.Sc (Honors) in (Date/Year) in (Institute name).

(State your educational qualification, as you have achieved)


EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: (State experiences, if you have. Examples; like…..)


Consultant/Researcher with a Foreign Embassy (Country Name): My duties include Visit to the target area and meeting community and official to gather information on the assigned subject. Writing post visit report including geographical/cultural/demographical/contextual/religious background of the target area along with the main players i.e. state and non-state actors of the areas. The post visit report also includes existing and emerging security risks in the target area with mitigating measures to be adopted. Report also includes political situation i.e. an assessment of party positions in the target area. The Report is followed by a face to face de-briefing session.


Manager Admin/Security/Safety in (Company name) and (date).


Flight Commander (Ground Instructor) in Cadets (Country name) and (date).



QUALIFICATIONS: (State qualifications, if you have. Examples; like…..)

Crew Resource Management Course By Academy of Technical Training Dubai in (date).

Completed Security Management Training Course arranged by Redr UK (date) to (date).

Primary Flying training on SAAB MFI-17 aircraft at (date) to (date).

Air Force Short Law & Admin Course From Junior Command & Staff School

(Country Name) and (date).

Air Navigation Course from (Country Name) and (date).





COMPUTER SKILL:   Proficient in Microsoft Office,Excell,Access,Spreadsheet,Email,Web browsing & Internet.

Current Affairs.

Essay writing.

Situation Reports writing.

Strategic Affair.

History Reading





(a). English.

(b). State other languages if you know.

(c). State other languages if you know.