Dignity of Labor

Dignity of Labor

Work or labor has no alternative. To get success in life, work is the main medium. There is no shame in working. All must work according to their abilities. Man can not, and should not, live without labor. Although man is the greatest creature of the universe, he has to earn his own bread; nobody brings him his livelihood by a wave of any magic wand. Whatever he needs, he must acquire through hard work. And labor has much dignity and honor.

Labour is the source of all success, prosperity, and progress. The main success of man’s life is to strike a unique balance between his needs desires or dreams and achievements. What man wants really exits in the world. But if he wants to have it, he has to labor hard. Labour is of two kinds-physical labor and mental labor indicates the work of our brain. He has to earn all this: his bread for survival, knowledge, success, wealth, friendship, fame and all other things that he craves for.  The cities, towns, large buildings have been erected by means of labor. Even any religious practice without any labor has no value. Pure religion is what we do after our prayer is over. Prayer is indeed a preparation. For this reason, labor is given the most important in all religious books of the world.

An idle man can not in life. He has to depend on others. The idle brain is the root of all evils, they say. This may do big harm to the society as well as the nation. Thoughts that are aloof from work or labor do not advance much; they reduce into daydreams and fancies. Idleness begets depression, frustration, and failures. An author aptly says, ” There is no such way by which man can escape from labor, and the act of thinking is more laborious.”

The lives of the prominent personalities are the instances of hard labor and industry. The thinking of the scholar, the leading of the leader, the advice of the specialist all these are as essential as to us as the labor of the cooley, the day laborer, the sweeper, the farmer, the hawker, the shopkeeper, the clerk, and all others. If we abhor the work of the sweeper and he postpones his work only for two days, then this gentlemanly town life of ours will become a hell. Therefore, all types of work are dignified and valuable. We have to work hard we should use our time we must not neglect or abhor any type of work.

But, our society didn’t award the true respect to labor and laborer, our society needs to be educated about the dignity of labor. We consider that laborer as mean but for whose labor we could not have been in the so-called higher position. We should understand the true meaning of labor if we celebrate 1st May, because, only big banners and words are of no value. All the essential ingredients of developed civilization have been possible because of labor.  In developed countries, a laborer is most esteemed.