Essay On Punctuality

Introduction: ‘Punctuality’ is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation before or at a previously designated time. To finish any work at the right time is called punctuality. ‘Punctual’ is often used synonymously with ‘on time’. It is also acceptable that punctual can also, be related to talking about grammar, which means ‘to be accurate’.

Time and tide wait for none. So we must acquire the habit of punctuality that means the habit of doing our duties at the right time. The man has a lot of duties to perform in his short span of life.

Importance of Punctuality: The importance of punctuality can hardly be overemphasized. In the absence of its time has no value. The time that has brought nothing to life has taken much therefrom and got lost in the mysterious past. Therefore, punctuality is to success as success is to live itself. Its importance should be realized in different fields of life. If a man gets up late, he has to hurry through his works and the result is that he gets nothing done well. He remains ever restless and ever hasty. He may be a man of talent and he may have many other virtues, but all these cannot save him from failure or ruin.

A student who is punctual always be found at his/her duty and demanding for that time. People can easily have faith in such a student; if he/she speaks will be there, he/she will be there. On the other hand, if a student who is not punctual, one cannot depend on him/her. They don’t know where he/she will be when they need help from him/her. His/her connections will start to realize he cannot manage his/her own time and these uncertainties will seep into matters beyond the clock. It’s been great if students develop discipline in their lives. They can be punctual at places like school, library, projects, and examinations as well as home. It will help them in getting rid of laziness and a negative attitude. A regimented and prompt student always gets respect and social acceptance in society and school.

Benefits of Punctuality: First of all you show respect for the people you are meeting or the organizers of the event you attend. Besides, being punctual means arriving without stress. Man will have time to greet people and put himself in the situation. That is, man can prepare himself mentally for the meeting or the event.

Conclusion: Punctuality is of great importance in life. It is a virtue. Everyone should be punctual to shine in life. The man who does not obey the rules of punctuality can never prosper in life. He is a neglected figure in society. Nobody loves him. He cannot accomplish any work on time. He leads a very charmless life.

In such cases, punctuality may be enforced by social penalties, for example by excluding low-status latecomers from meetings entirely. Such considerations can lead to considering the value of punctuality in econometrics and to considering the effects of non-punctuality on others in queuing theory of English.


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