Experience Letter Format for Doctors

Experience Letter Format for Doctors


Date: xx-xx-xx


To Whosoever It May Concern


This Letter is to verify that (Doctors Name) son of (Father’s Name) has worked with our team at (Hospital/Clinic Name) for four years. During his/her working tenure he/she has been really dynamic, punctual and efficient person. His/Her way of working was systematic though. He/She has his/her specialization in Medicine and Surgery and for this reason he/she has been made in-charge of Surgery for a year.


Owing to his/her professional skills he/she has successfully leaded many surgeries during this time span.  His/Her five years of experience is commendably suitable and perfect for the field. He/She is leaving the job as he/she his/her moving abroad for further specialization. We are glad to have him/her as a part of our team.


We wish him/her good luck for his/her future.




Name: XYZ


(Hospital/Clinic Name)