Experience Letter Format for Driver

Experience Letter Format for Driver


Name: XYZ


To Whom May It Concern

It is under the name of (Name; XYZ) who served the institution for a period of five years from (Date) to (Date). He has a valid driving license. It also true for him as a driver that no challan is made by any police check post and no evidence of accident and other unpleasant incidents is registered as FIR in any police station against him.

He is fit for this job as he meets all the conditions mandatory for any driver. His driving experience contains a wide range of experiences as he ably drove on the most puzzling and dangerous zigzag roads of (Area Name). He drove cars of all types, wagons, pick up, trawler, van, bus. He is accustomed to all kinds of roads: narrow, winding, sloppy, broader, zigzag and even twined roads built on hills. He served as a driver with a renowned Tourist guide of (Area/Location) of hilly resort areas.

He is hard working, punctual, and steadfast and with such qualities I believe anyone can take a step up position in one’s life. He is a clear headed person in his personality and attitude during his stay with us in this company/organization. He is eligible of having any job wherever he may apply for the vacant post of driver at any place. We wish him a safe and happy drive in any department. Good luck


Human Resource Manager

(Company/Organization Name)

Date: xx-xx-xx