Flood Control Measurement

Flood is one of the most dangerous natural disasters. Floods are a major concern in many parts of the world due to the many losses experienced in the time of floods. Considering the bad effects and damages caused by the flood, the people/we always think of its remedy or preventive methods. The flood damages need immediate controlling. Therefore, flood management techniques are very important in areas that are prone to frequent flooding. Proper and effective steps should be adopted to control floods so that they cannot cause a huge loss. Proper awareness must be spread about the steps to take when floods occur. Flood control refers to all methods used to reduce or prevent the detrimental effects of floodwaters. Flood management techniques are structures designed with the aim of containing floodwater in order to control floodplains.

Floods are a natural occurrence in almost all river systems. The irrigation system should be introduced in some places where floods occur too often. Some rivers should be dredged periodically so that they can hold more water. Floods generally occur when flowing surface water spills over the restraining banks into dry land. Besides, obstacles to the natural flow of water need to be removed so that excessive water may flow easily. Again suitable dams and barrages should be erected to control the overflow of the rivers. Some of our rivers come down from the Himalayas. So our government should take active steps to reach an amicable settlement with India and Nepal for the prevention of floods. Warning systems must be set up so people get sufficient time to save themselves. One of the most important steps is to strengthen the drainage system. Drainage improvement in critical areas in the country should be given priority. This can avoid water logging which will prevent floods. Other than that, dams must be constructed strongly. The government must ensure there is a quality building of dams to prevent floods. The principal remedy of recurrent floods is a massive afforestation and soil conservation program throughout the country.

Since flood is a devastating calamity, people of all classes should be conscious. Flooding causes vast losses which include human and animal life, soil erosion, damages of properties, destruction of vegetation and other environmental damages. The govt. should take necessary steps to control the flood. The government and citizens must work together to formulate ways to prevent floods. If the flood can be controlled, we can hope to get rid of it.