Flowers of Bangladesh

Flowers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a sweet homeland of a great variety of flowers. Literally, a flower is the colored part of a plant from which the seed or fruit develops. In Bangladesh, flowers are the special gifts of nature. They differ in size, color, fragrance, season sand even usage. Many of the present flower species of Bangladesh are of foreign future are species of Indian and Burmese origin as well as species from China, Japan, Africa tropical America. We enjoy their colors, beauty, fragrance, and smell with great pleasure. We love flowers for their beauty and scent. They are symbols of beauty and purity We use flowers as a token of love. respect and gratitude.

Flowers of Bangladesh can be conveniently classified according to the plants they bloom in. The rose, the lotus, the marigold, the Champa, the jasmine, the Tagor, the Jui, the Bakul, the Beli, the Kamini, the Chameli, and the Sheuli are among the well- known flowers of our country. Most of the flowers of country bloom in a day but there are also some night flowers. Rajanigandha is known as the queen of the night. Some other flowers that bloom in the night are Hasnahena, Night queen, Bakul, etc. From this point of view, flowers are of five kinds — flowers from trees, shrubs climbers, bulbs, and seasonal herbs. Flowering trees are usually planted in parks, big gardens, campuses of govt. establishments and educational institutions. They are attractive for bright blossoms or sweet fragrance. Some common tree flowers are Kadam, Simul, Palash, Krishna Chura, Jarul, Bakul, etc. There are flowers of perennials with a weak stem that climbs on some support. These are used in decorating buildings, gates, walls and fencing.

Fig: National flower – Shapla

The rose is the queen of the flower. It is famous for its sweet scent and beauty. It is generally found in the garden. Some common flowers of this kind in Bangladesh are Malatilata, Baganbilas, Aparajita, Moonflower, White Jasmine, Passionflower, etc. Bulbs may be annuals or perennials. They usually die in winter and again reappear in spring or summer. Many of them produce attractive flowers, some are fragrant too. Some such flowers commonly grown in Bangladesh are Tuberose, Dolanchampa, Gladiolus, etc. These kinds of flowers are called season flowers and are commonly cultivated winter. They are especially loved for their bright blossoms in our dull winter landscape. Some common season flowers of Bangladesh are Chandramallika, Dahlia, Cosmos, Balsam, Marigold, Zinnia, etc.

English poet John Keats says, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. A flower is, no doubt, a thing of beauty. Flowers lend color, fragrance, beauty, and charm to the land. They have a great soothing effect also. On the other hand, we have a great prospect of creating a lot of employment and earning huge foreign currency through effective floriculture. In some seasons like Winter and  Spring, the demand for flower increases. So many people cultivate flowers for economic purpose. As a result, many unemployed people have changed their luck by cultivating flowers. Govt. should look into the matter with due importance.