Format for Informative Writing Lesson Plans

Format for Informative Writing Lesson Plans

Free-write a rough draft

Just write, don’t proofread, edit, revise, correct, and look back at all.


Organize, check for introduction and conclusion for all sections, build in transitions, and get rid of excess verbiage, spell-check and grammar-check.

Read it out loud

This can help you detect awkward phrases, missing commas, etc.

Your writing must be Reader Centered. You must be well aware that whoever is reading your writing, can have different mentality, different I.Q level, and not familiar thoughts. Hence overall psychology of the person can be different as compare to you. Everybody have different ideas and ways of thinking.

By writing you are sharing your own. Writing should be positive, either it is mentioning the negative aspects of anything but at the end it should give a positive sense of change, regardless of the topic.  Whether, people agree with you or not but if 50% is with you, you’ve written a good theory. But if majority is rejecting you, definitely there is some fault.