House on Fire

House on Fire

Fire is useful to us in our day to day life to cook food, burn bricks, melt leads and pitches, to run mills and factories. But one-hour unguarded moment fire can cause untold suffering by burning life and property into ashes. Men used to eat uncooked food before the invention of fire. So fire discovery marked the beginning and development of civilization and industry. Now life cannot be imagined without fire. Without fire, the whole creation and modern civilization remain to a grinding halt.

Fire is like a double-edged sword. It is an obedient servant but a disobedient (bad) master. It can serve us in our day to day life like an obedient and a tireless servant if it is handled carefully. But it is not used wisely and carefully it may result in doom and disaster as many fire accidents have proved. It is a blessing and a curse as well. Damages caused by fire are really huge and irreparable.

One day I saw a big house while I was returning with my friend from visiting another friend. I failed to resist the temptation for a while to see the burning fire consuming whatever it could. Everyone feared that the fire would spread the whole locality. Seeing this tragic fire many men from the surroundings ran towards the house with buckets full of water, wet quilts, baskets of sand and fire putting out elements. Many people were running with buckets full of water and bags full of sand. The whole house was engulfed in thick columns of smoke and high flames. The firemen began to throw a lot of water with their pipes. They entered the burning house.

Most houses were thatched made. Some houses were fenced with wood, tin and walled of bricks but they were roofed with straw, hay, and weeds. The burning fire assumed the appearance of the monster and spread unbearable heat around it. The monster or fire god seemed to be throwing heavy fireballs towards those who were striving to put out the fire or bring the fire under control. It was really risky to put out the fire. Meanwhile, the fire brigade service appeared and poured water heavily on and around the fire with the help of heavy tubes and pipes. They fought bravely to control fire and flames. A fireman also sustained some severe burns and got his legs burnt.

The putting out of fire took more than half an hour. No belongings of the house owner escaped from this monstrous fire. The entire house was burnt into ashes. The gluttony and cruel fire left nothing unburnt. Luckily no men and domestic animals were burnt or killed by this serious fire accident.

Later, it was found that the fire was caused by short-circuiting in one of the shops near the burnt house. There were some combustible materials at the point of the short circuit and it soon turned the shop into a conflagration which ultimately engulfed the entire house.

The fire burnt the entire house and the belongings were in the house. I came back to my house after the cruel fire had been put off.